Will MLB Lockdown Delay Start of Spring Practice?

The MLB foreclosure is more than three weeks old, and apparently the major financial talks won’t even be discussed until January, which means the MLB foreclosure is likely to loom for weeks.

However, this could loom for more weeks as it could last for several months, if the current rumblings are any indication.

Locking down the MLB could end up delaying spring training.

The Colorado Rockies beat writer Patrick Saunders of Denver Post in his recent mailbag, he discussed a multitude of topics, including his recent Hall of Fame poll and his reasoning behind the players, some things involving the Rockies and the state of MLB lockdown.

According to Saunders, he says that while there is still hope that the MLB and MLB Players Association can strike a deal before spring training, he said that “most of the people I have talked about think spring training will be delayed “.

If the lockout is this long or longer, it could hurt the baseball season. Spring training for the minor leagues would go off without a hitch, but an extended spring training lockdown would mean the season would have to be pushed back. If things lasted too long, each passing day would mean games would be removed from the schedule.

This is basically what happened with MLB and MLBPA in 2020 with the pandemic. As they tried to negotiate the number of games they were going to play, the two sides were far apart as MLBPA wanted as many games as possible (over 110 games) so that the players could win as many as possible. The owners wanted as few games as possible so they didn’t have to pay players (after all, without fans there was little revenue). Over time, they agreed to 60 games because that’s all they would really have time for with a few weeks of Spring Training 2.0.

The last time the MLB was blocked was in 1990 (1994 was a strike) and we’ll get to that in the next few days, as things this offseason could very well be like in 1990 … if things go halfway as the calendar turns to 2022.

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