Which NFL team is undefeated in league history?

Fcomplete a suit NFL season without losing a single game is arguably the most difficult feat in sport as it is. Other disciplines also have this similar feat. In the MLB, here is the perfect game of a pitcher. european football has the treble that has only been completed a few times in history. Golf has that coveted hole-in-one that only happens once every few years. In the NBA, the famous hat-trick has only arrived three times in the modern era of basketball. But the NFL only recorded one undefeated season in history, it happened all the time was back 1972 and this has not happened since.

Which NFL team is the only unbeaten in league history?

Some can pay this honor to 2007 New England Patriots corn Eli Manning’s New York Giants completely spoiled this achievement for Tom brady and Company. The team that managed to remain completely undefeated and won the super bowl was none other than the 1972 Miami Dolphins. At the time, there were only 12 regular season games, four playoff games and the Super Bowl. Unlike today, which has 18 games before reaching the most important game of the season. Although the Patriots have a better stat with 18-1, they weren’t perfect like the 1972 Miami Dolphins were.

Other teams that came dangerously close to perfection like the Dolphins were the Chicago Bear in 1934 and 1942. Both years they were perfect in the regular season but lost the NFL Championship Game. We’re talking about the pre-Super Bowl era. In modern times, we were already talking about 2007 New England Patriots but the 2015 Carolina Panthers recorded a 14-0 record before losing Falcons. In 2009, the The Saints arrived at 13-0 and the Colts at 14-0. These two teams suffered their first loss of the season after hitting this record and faced each other in the Super Bowl XLIV. Drew brees and his Saints won this match.

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