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West Point Johnny’s Pizza football team prepares for the Textile Bowl game

Posted at 11:00 a.m. on Thursday, November 10, 2022

West Point’s Johnny’s Pizza youth football team has clinched a spot in the Textile Bowl for the third straight year, and head coach Henry Hutchinson is preparing his boys to face the Hogansville Jets.

Hutchinson’s team had a solid season and his team did enough to qualify for the championship.

“We went 4-2 in the regular season,” Hutchinson said.

“We lost against two very good teams. We had a few early issues that were resolved to get us to this point. We beat a very good team in the second round of the playoffs that went down the wire. This will be our third Textile Bowl in a row. We won one and we lost one. Hopefully we can redeem ourselves. We have a good group of kids and I think we can have a good performance on November 14.

Hutchinson knows he’ll have his hands full with the Jets.

“They actually went undefeated,” Hutchinson said.

“They’re seed number one, and we’re seed number three.”

Hutchinson works with his players to improve their physicality on the pitch.

“We want them to be more physical and we want them to stay focused,” Hutchinson said.

“That’s one of the things we focused on at the start of the season. We just want to be ready for the playoffs. We have reached the point where we peak at the right time. We are a totally different team from the first game.

Hutchinson is thrilled his kids have the chance to play a championship game at Callaway Stadium.

“It means a lot to them,” Hutchinson said.

“This group is very young. We have a lot of kids playing football for the first time. We thought it was going to be a challenge. A lot of them came in and didn’t have a lot of confidence, but they challenged themselves. As the season went on, they gained that confidence. I think they are mentally focused now.

Hutchinson praised Eerion Jones, who was key on both sides of the ball.

“This kid has become his own,” Hutchinson said.

“When he came to us, he hadn’t run the ball much. We had a plan for him. He had played defensive lines. He is now one of our greatest players in attack and defense. C “He’s a very physical boy, but he’s a good boy overall. He’s very respectful and coachable. He’s had a great season.”

Jones has enjoyed his season so far.

“It’s been great because I never had the chance to run the ball,” Jones said.

“I’m really excited to play in the Textile Bowl because half of my family is coming,” Jones said.

“If we win, I get a big prize. I won’t say what it is. My little sister is coming. She hasn’t seen me play yet and she’s excited. I want to help them win another championship.

Jones loves soccer, but it’s not his main sport.

“Baseball is my main sport, but I want to keep playing football,” Jones said. “My uncle plays softball and I practice with him.”

The Textile Bowl will be played at Callaway Stadium on November 14.

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