Updated Section VI, Archbishop Martin’s Baseball, Softball and Lacrosse Playoff Scoreboard | High school

The following are the Section VI High School and Monsignor Martin Athletic Association playoff pairings and schedules for Boys’ and Girls’ Softball, Baseball, and Lacrosse:


5-Niagara Falls defeats 4-Williamsville North 3-2

2-Lancaster beats 7-Frontier 3-0

3-Clarence defeats 6-Jamestown 21-2

5-Niagara Falls at 1-Orchard Park, 5 p.m.

3-Clarence at 2-Lancaster, 5 p.m.

Semi-final winners, 5:30 p.m.

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1-Niagara Wheatfield defeats 8-Hamburg 7-6

4-Williamsville East beats 5-Lockport 4-0

7-Sweet Home beats 2-North Tonawanda 4-3

6-West Seneca West defeats 3-Kenmore West 8-4

4-Williamsville East at 1-Niagara Wheatfield, 5 p.m.

7-Sweet Home at 6-West Seneca West, 5 p.m.

Final Thursday at Williamsville North

Semi-final winners, 5 p.m.

8-Amherst beats 9-Pioneer 29-2

7-Kenmore East defeats 10-CSAT 21-3

1-Cheektowaga beats 8-Amherst 5-4

4-Grand Island defeats 5-Iroquois 2-1

2-Williamsville South defeats 7-Kenmore East 10-0

3-West Seneca East defeats 6-Starpoint 13-6

4-Grand Island at 1-Cheektawaga, 5 p.m.

3-West Seneca East at 2-Williamsville South, 5 p.m.

Final Thursday at Williamsville North

Semi-final winners, 5 p.m.

8-Tonawanda defeats 9-Maryvale 17-11

5-Dunkirk beats 12-Lackawanna 22-0

10-Springville defeats 7-Albion 18-13

6-City Honors beats 11-Lewiston-Porter 15-5

1-Depew beats 8-Tonawanda 21-1

4-Lake Shore beats 5-Dunkirk 8-2

2-Olean defeats 10-Springville 20-8

3-East Aurora defeats 6-City Honors 3-1

4-Lake Shore at 1-Depew, 5 p.m.

3-East Aurora at 2-Olean, 5 p.m.

Final Thursday at Williamsville North

Semi-final winners, 7 p.m.

9-Medina defeats 8-Cleveland Hill 15-11

12-Newfane beats 5-Olmsted 14-6

7-Akron defeats 10-Southwestern 10-9

6-JFK beats 11-Allegany-Limestone 11-2

1-Eden defeats 9-Medina 21-0

4-Alden beat 12-Newfane 13-1

2-Fredonia defeats 7-Akron 3-0

3-Roy-Hart defeats 6-JFK 8-0

4-Alden to 1-Eden, 5 p.m.

3-Roy-Hart to 2-Fredonia, 5 p.m.

Final Thursday at Williamsville North

Semi-final winners, 7 p.m.

9-Silver Creek defeats 8-Frewsburg 7-2

4-Randolph defeats 13-Tapestry 13-0

5-Barker defeats 12-Holland 16-3

7-Wilson beats 10-Salamanca 13-4

6-Lac Chautauqua beats 11-Maple Grove 7-6

1-Falconer beats 9-Silver Creek 7-0

4-Randolph defeats 5-Barker 3-0

2-Portville beats 7-Wilson 6-4

3-Gowanda defeats 6-Chaut. Lake 8-7, 10 innings

4-Randolph at 1-Falconer, 5 p.m.

Semi-final winners, 5 p.m.

8-Brocton defeats 9-Forestville 17-13

7-Pine Valley beats 10-Franklinville 18-2

1-Westfield beats 8-Brocton 20-4

5-Clymer-Sherman beats 4-West Valley 7-5

2-North Collins defeats 7-Pine Valley 13-9

3-Ellicottville defeats 6-Panama 7-6

5-Clymer-Sherman at 1-Westfield, 5 p.m.

3-Ellicottville at 2-North Collins, 5 p.m.

Semi-final winners, 7 p.m.


1-Nardin defeats 4-Nichols 17-1

3-St. Mary beats 2-Sacre-Coeur 13-2

Nardin vs. St. Mary’s, Games 1 & 2, 4:30 p.m.

Nardin vs. St. Mary’s Game 3, if necessary


4-City Honors at 1-Clarence, 7 p.m.

3-Kenmore at 2-Lancaster, 5 p.m.

June 1 final at West Seneca West

Winner Clarence/City Honors vs Winner Lancaster/Kenmore

5-Frontier at 4-Niagara Wheatfield, 7 p.m.

7-Lock to 2-Orchard Park, 5 p.m.

6-W. Seneca West at 3-Williamsville North, 7 p.m.

Winner NW/Frontier at 1-Hamburg, 7 p.m.

Orchard Park/Lockport winner vs. Williamsville North/WSW winner

June 2 final at West Seneca West

8-Amherst beats 9-Grand Island 10-3

5-West Seneca East defeats 12-Sweet Home 15-3

7-Lewiston-Porter beats 10-North Tonawanda 12-6

6-Iroquois defeats 11-Starpoint 15-2

8-Amherst at 1-Rive du lac, 5 p.m.

5-W. Seneca East at 4-Williamsville East, 7 p.m.

7-Lewiston-Porter at 2-East Aurora, 7 p.m.

6-Iroquois at 3-Williamsville South, 7 p.m.

Winner LS/Amherst v Winner Williamsville East/WSE

Winner EA/LP vs Winner Williamsville South/Iroquois

June 2 final at West Seneca West

8-Newfane defeats 9-Tonawanda 11-6

8-Newfane at 1-Akron, 5 p.m.

5-Medina at 4-Eden/North Collins, 6 p.m.

7-Gowanda to 2-Salamanca/Randolph, 6 p.m.

6-Wilson at 3-Depew, 6:30 p.m.

Winner Akron/Newfane vs Winner Eden/Medina

Gowanda/Salamanca winner vs. Depew/Wilson winner

June 1 final at West Seneca West


St. Francis defeats St. Mary’s 18-5

Sunday Semi-Finals at Canisius College

3-Nichols beats 2-Canisius 14-3

1-St. Joe’s defeats 4-St. Francis 10-7

Wednesday final at Canisius College

1-St. Joe’s vs. 3-Nichols, 6 p.m.


All matches scheduled for 4:45 p.m. unless otherwise stated

4-Niagara Falls to 1-Lancaster

June 2 Final at Parker Field, Kenmore

Winner of Niagara Falls/Lancaster vs. Kenmore/Clarence winner, 7:30 p.m.

4-Hamburg defeats 5-Williamsville North 11-6

2-Orchard Park defeats 7-Lockport 18-1

3-Niagara Wheatfield beats 6-W. West Seneca 19-6.

4-Hamburg at 1-Border, 4:45 p.m.

3-Niagara Wheatfield at 2-Orchard Park, 7:30 p.m.

June 1 final at Parker Field, Kenmore

Semi-final winners, 5 p.m.

8-Williamsville South defeats 9-Lake Shore 22-6

5-Iroquois beats 12-Sweet Home 13-5

7-Lewiston-Porter beats 10-North Tonawanda 13-12

6-West Seneca East defeats 11-Starpoint 11-6

1-Grand Island defeats 8-Williamsville South 17-3

4-East Aurora defeats 5-Iroquois 20-4

2-Williamsville East defeats 7-Lewiston-Porter 20-4

3-Amherst defeats 6-West Seneca West 12-6

4-East Aurora at 1-Grand Island, 4:45 p.m.

3-Amherst to 2-Williamsville East, 4:45 p.m.

June 1 final at Parker Field, Kenmore

Winners of the semi-finals, 7:30 p.m.

4-Newfane beats 5-Springville 13-3

3-Salamanca beats 6-Depew 17-3

4-Newfane at 1-Eden, 7 p.m.

3-Salamanca at 2-Gowanda, 4:45 p.m.

June 2 Final at Parker Field, Kenmore

Semi-final winners, 5 p.m.


5-Clarence c. 4-Orchard Park, 5 p.m.

7-Frontier at 2-Williamsville South, 5 p.m.

6-Jamestown at 3-Niagara Falls, 5 p.m.

Winner OP/Clarence at 1-Lancaster, 5 p.m.

Winner WS/Frontier vs. Winner NF/Jamestown, 5 p.m.

May 28 Final at Grand Island

Semi-final winners, 6 p.m.

9-West Seneca West beats 8-Kenmore West 7-000

9-West Seneca West at 1-Williamsville East, 5 p.m.

5-Lockport vs. 4-Hutch Tech, 5 p.m., at McCarthy Park

7-North Tonawanda at 2-Niagara Wheatfield, 5 p.m.

6-Sweet Home at 3-Hamburg, 5 p.m.

Williamsville East/WSW winner vs. Hutch Tech/Lockport winner

Winner NW/NT vs. Winner Sweet Home/Hamburg

Semi-final winners, 3 p.m.

9-West Seneca East beats 8-Cheektowaga 8-4

7-Starpoint defeats 10-CSAT 10-5

9-West Seneca East at 1-Iroquois, 5 p.m.

5-Pioneer at 4-Williamsville South, 5 p.m.

7-Starpoint at 2-Grand Island, 7 p.m.

6-Kenmore East at 3-Amherst, 5 p.m.

Winner Iroquois/WSE vs. Winner Pioneer/WS, 5 p.m.

Winner GI/Starpoint vs. Winner Amherst/KE, 5 p.m.

9-Dunkirk beat 8-Albion beat 9-Dunkirk 7-6

5-Olean beats 4-Lake Shore 12-4

7-Springville/O. Valley defeats Tonawanda 7-2.

6-East Aurora defeats 11-Lackawanna 4-1.

8-Albion vs. 1-City Honors, 5 p.m., at Johnnie B. Wiley

5-Olean at 4-Lewiston-Porter, 5 p.m.

7-Springville at 2-Maryvale, 5 p.m.

6-East Aurora at 3-Depew, 5 p.m.

Winner CH/Albion against winner LS/LP/Olean, 5 p.m.

Winner Spring./Tonawanda/Maryvale vs. Winner Lackawanna/Depew/EA, 5 p.m.

May 28 Final at Grand Island

Semi-final winners, 3 p.m.

8-Akron beats 9-Newfane 7-3

5-Roy-Hart beats 12-Cleveland Hill 12-0

10-Allegany-Limestone beats 7-Olmsted 16-6

6-Medina defeats 15-JFK 11-0

8-Akron at 1-Alden, 5 p.m.

5-Roy-Hart to 4-Fredonia, 5 p.m.

10-AL to 2-Southwest, 5 p.m.

6-Medina at 3-Eden, 5 p.m.

Winner Alden/Akron vs. Winner Fredonia/HR, 5 p.m.

Winner AL/SW against winner Eden/Medina, 5 p.m.

May 28 Final at Grand Island

8-Chautauqua Lake beats 9-Wilson 8-2

4-Holland beats 13-Randolph 12-6

5-Silver Creek beats 12-Cassadaga 12-6

7-Frewsburg beats 10-Catt.-Little Valley 6-2

11-Barker defeats 6-Salamanca 5-4

8-Lac Chautauqua at 1-Portville, 5 p.m.

5-Silver Creek at 4-Holland, 5 p.m.

7-Frewsburg at 2-Gowanda, 5 p.m.

11-Barker at 3-Maple Grove, 5 p.m.

Quarter-final winners, 5 p.m.

May 28 Final at Diethrick Park, Jamestown

Semi-final winners, 3 p.m.

5-Brocton at 4-Ellicottville, 5 p.m.

7-Westfield at 2-Franklinville, 5 p.m.

6-North Collins at 3-Pine Valley, 5 p.m.

Winner Ellicottville/Brocton vs 1-CSP, 5 p.m.

Franklinville/Westfield winner vs. Pine Valley/North Collins winner, 5 p.m.

May 28 Final at Diethrick Park, Jamestown

Bishop Martin’s baseball playoffs

6-Bishop Timon at 3-St. Francis, 4:30 p.m.

5-St. Mary’s at 4-Nichols, 4:30 p.m.

Thursday Semi-Finals, Game 1

Lowest remaining seed vs. 1-St. Joe’s, 4:30 p.m. at Kenmore West

Highest remaining seed vs. 2-Canisius, 4:30 p.m. at Hilbert College

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