Spring Practice Tickets Are Coming (But You Know The Problem) And More Cubs Balls

I know there are some questionable perks that Justin Fields misses in today’s Bears Finals – no risk of injury, no further exposure in a system that clearly isn’t working for him, etc. – but, as a fan, I just wanted to see him play another time before the end of the year. Because now I barely care about today’s game, and then it’s over seven months before we even have preseason games again. There are so few games. Baseball definitely has the bulk advantage over football from an observational standpoint.

Not that I’m thrilled with baseball right now …

• I received an email this weekend from the Cubs regarding the Spring Practice tickets on sale this Saturday January 15th. The first Spring Training Game at Sloan Park is scheduled for February 26, and at this point no one is waiting Spring Training games will not be affected by the lockout (very little hope they won’t? Yes. But wait? No). So those tickets will go on sale – all over baseball, mind you, not just with the Cubs – and people will be asked to pay for tickets that they may not ultimately be able to use. And because spring training is a destination for most people, they may have trips planned that will be impacted. The Cubs and the rest of the teams have to “pretend” things are going well because they have to make plans for their parks and their employees and a million other things. But if consumers use their best judgment, they won’t already buy any Spring Training tickets – and maybe even plan or cancel trips – because they can’t tell if Spring Training will actually be there for them when the time comes. data will arrive. Me? I watch the barrel of my failed third spring practice in a row, and it’s deeply aggravating that, while the first two were because of the pandemic, this one is because of the lockdown.

• Guess my point is that receiving this email was a reminder of how this lockdown is already causing problems, for fans if no one else. It’s a pain point already, although the loss of income that homeowners face due to Spring Training will not be large enough to force a move. I don’t blame the Cubs staff for sending this email – again, they have to make their plans just in case – but it was annoying to receive this email and be forced to again. deal with the implications of foreclosure.

• Something else to come on January 15th: the opening of the new IFA period. The Cubs have been linked with a trio of seven-figure bonus babies, and they’ll likely take up most of the Cubs pool (as a big market team, the Cubs get one of the smaller pools every year; they can swap for more pool space, but usually haven’t, as these deals are made years in advance). What’s going to be interesting is whether this is the last period of the IFA – the new CBA could have an international draft for 2023 – and / or what the impact would be for the Cubs’ they decided to sign a qualified free agent (you lose $ 500,000 in IFA bonus pool space over the next period, but the Cubs would have already agreed to those 2023 deals in advance … but also, what if there was a draft? So what happens to those deals (canceled, I’m sure, since they’re just a handshake) or the penalty? How does it all work? I think it’s just an open question).

• A good question – my instinct was the Ultimate Grand Slam, but there are actually a lot of choices:

• Bruce Miles is awesome:

• Hey, the Blackhawks have finally won again:

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