Sports world furious over viral Little League video

SOUTH WILLIAMSPORT, PA – AUGUST 25: Baseballs sit on the ledge during the South Korea vs. Japan game in the Little League World Series International Championship game at Lamade Stadium on August 25, 2018 in South Williamsport, Pennsylvania. (Photo by Rob Carr/Getty Images)

A video of a Little League baseball game is going viral this weekend.

The video shows a referee threatening a group of parents who keep complaining about ball/strike calls.

The parents continue to complain, forcing the referee to leave the field and declare the match forfeited.

All he asked the parents was to calm down. Parents couldn’t even do that. What an embarrassment.

It’s youth sports we’re talking about here.

The sports world is furious with the parents in the video.

“AGAIN…PARENTS RUIN SPORT FOR CHILDREN. Good for that umpire, he doesn’t get paid enough to deal with those idiots. If you’re the parent of a 9-year-old and you’re doing such a scene at a little league game your life must really suck and i’m so sorry for you,” one fan wrote.

“Do you think a kid ever missed a major league career because of a missed call in a 10U game?” a fan interviewed.

“I’m willing to bet potential big league careers have been ruined by parents who killed the joy of the game in their kids,” said one baseball fan.

Unfortunately, many parents of young athletes go from bad to worse.

“I’ve been coaching youth sports forever. Parents get harder every year. Love it but if this continues I have to go,” one youth coach tweeted.

“I laugh when people brag that their 10 year old played 75 games over the summer. Most of them have no understanding of the game and would be better served playing games with their friends and enjoying being a kid. It’s 100% the parents not the kids,” one Twitter user said.

Kids just want to have fun doing sports they love. Unfortunately, many parents get involved.

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