SNA Displays upgrades scoreboard for UCF baseball team

The University of Central Florida Knights upgraded its ballpark, John Euliano Park, just ahead of the 2022 season and included an Empire Exterior LED video scoreboard, built by SNA Displays, according to a company press release.

“So far everyone has been really excited and positive (about the video card). We needed a major upgrade and this has been a great addition that our fans have loved so far “said UFC baseball coach Greg Lovelady in the Liberation. “Facilities are always a big part of the recruitment process and come into play what the stadium looks like, the experience the players get and how that affects our crowd.”

The baseball stadium’s LED video board is 22 feet 10 inches tall and 35 feet 8 inches wide and is positioned just beyond the fence in right center field. The display uses a 10-millimeter pixel pitch and a resolution of 696 x 1,088 pixels, giving the 815-square-foot video screen over 750,000 total pixels.

American & Interstate Signcrafters, with locations in Florida and New York, installed the display.

“It’s always a challenge to remove the existing signage and retrofit a new display over the existing structure,” Nick Gioia, project manager for SNA Displays, said in the release. “But we had a great team of engineers, inspectors and installers to make it work. During installation we also had to deal with the daily practice of batting while working in the outfield – bombs away !”

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