Ronald Acuna Jr. declares his return by Denting Scoreboard to BP

While Freddie Freeman and Matt Olson controlled most of the Atlanta Braves news on Monday, Ronald Acuna Jr. was also making waves.

It’s still amazing to think the Atlanta Braves won a World Series last year without Ronald Acuna Jr., who seems more eager than ever to have a great season and make his own mark on a World Series. in Atlanta.

After a devastating injury ended his 2021 season where he was on the verge of winning an NL MVP, many began to wonder about how quickly the 24-year-old could return to the level of MVP – if ever.

He asked these questions in bed himself on Monday when asked this question saying “immediately”.

And as for the All-Star’s return, he said if it were up to him, he’d be ready on Opening Day.

It’s certainly great news to hear him say he’s feeling good and ready to go, but the Braves will obviously be cautious. Alex Anthopoulos also said Monday that Ronald Acuna Jr. likely won’t play on the pitch until late May.

However, this is one of the huge advantages of the DH as we could still see Acuna come back to the plate much sooner than that. And if he’s just hitting home runs, then he doesn’t have to worry about running.

That also seems to be his plan with the way he smashed balls in batting practice Monday.

Braves scoreboard Ronald Acuna Jr. Dents, says he’s back

Watching Ronald Acuna Jr. batting practice is a joy to behold. Throughout the offseasons, I constantly search for posts of him hitting a baseball.

He decided to put on a show for those in attendance on Monday and created this awesome moment that probably would have dominated the day had it not been for this trade.

The sound of the ball hitting that bat, Acuna announcing he’s back, hearing the ball hit the scoreboard, and then the reaction of those around him… I love that.

As if I wasn’t excited enough for the outfielder’s return this season, my excitement is now on a whole new level. Let’s just hope he can stay healthy. If he does, he’ll get his first of what could be several NL MVP awards.

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