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ST. GEORGE- An 11-year-old dream came true at Reach Higher Athletics on Friday afternoon.

Sports radio personality Devin Dixon interviews Dylan Adamson, CEO of Reach Higher Athletics, St. George, Utah, September 2, 2022 | Photo by E. George Goold, St. George News

The athletic training company opened its brand new Performance Center at 1094 West 1600 S and featured some whimsical new digs.

“It’s a dream come true. It’s something we’ve literally been working on for the last 11 years, actually,” CEO and athletic trainer Dylan Adamson told St. George News in the new facility’s weight room.

“Started in Atlanta, Georgia, we’ve been here in St. George for four years, building our clientele and reputation here and preparing for a building like this,” Adamson added.

As previously reported in St. George News, Reach Higher once housed its local training facilities in a large warehouse on Industrial Road, just north of East Red Hills Parkway.

The newly expanded facility off Dixie Drive spans 30,000 square feet of space. It includes 9,000 square feet for the lawn and 2,500 square feet for the weight room.

Two batting cages drop from the ceiling, making the setup ideal for baseball and softball practice, as well as basketball, volleyball, pickleball, indoor soccer, and a variety of other recreational activities.

“The weight room we’re in right now will allow us to serve large groups and it’s a full weight room,” Adamson said. “And we have a full court and a half court for basketball, which turns into three volleyball courts as well as six pickleball courts.”

Adamson added that Reach Higher will host pickleball tournaments and open indoor pickleball courts for the general public to play in what has been called the fastest growing sport in America.

The establishment has a smoothie bar, Adamson said, which has already proven popular.

“It’s called Vital Smoothie,” he said. “And it really helps all of our athletes and anyone in the building to be able to get their nutritional options before and after recovery. Everything is natural, no preservatives and nothing frozen. It’s a good shot. »

A customer at the Vital Smoothie Bar at the new Reach Higher Athletics Performance Center at 1094 West 1600 S, St. George, Utah, September 2, 2022 | Photo by E. George Goold, St. George News

Sponsors of the facility include Prime IV Hydration and Wellness, STG Soccer Skills and 435 Elite Volleyball Club. Adamson said three full-time athletic trainers work at the facility along with a team of trainees.

“It’s a complete performance setup,” Adamson said. “Reach higher trains for speed, agility, strength, and sport-specific type movements. We also have vocational training. We do all this to make the athlete as explosive and efficient as possible.

In addition to local sports teams and athletes, Reach Higher attracts families and children of all ages.

“We’re here to help every athlete in general,” Adamson said. “All of our programs are supported by character building and some kind of mindset training throughout. It’s a Reach Higher family here, no matter what school you go to.

Rivalries exist on the playing field, that’s for sure, but at Reach Higher, everyone is on the same team.

“Some of the best moments we have is when they send us post-game photos,” Adamson said, “and you have a Crimson Cliffs player and a Desert Hills player hugging and take photos after battling each other for 40 minutes.

“So that’s a big reason why we do what we do,” he added, “is to help kids not only athletically but also to strive for better characteristics, values ​​and morals in life.”

Adamson encourages individual athletes, teams, clubs, families and children to get out and see what the new Reach Higher facility has to offer. A variety of membership options are available.

“We are really excited to be here. It’s still pretty surreal to be in this building,” Adamson said. “It was a blessing to be in the facility we were in before, it allowed us to grow to where we are now. We’ve definitely passed it, so it’s a blessing to be here now.

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