Pro Bowl Las Vegas Raiders Denzel Perryman talks training camp

HENDERSON, Nev. — The Las Vegas Raiders have an offense full of talent and superstars at every position. But on such a loaded roster on one side of the ball, linebacker Denzel Perryman is often an overlooked superstar.

If you were to meet Perryman on the street, you would notice his body which appears to be chiseled out of granite, but he has nothing to do with the ferocious Tasmanian Devil he plays on the pitch.

Perryman is warm, kind, funny and genuinely loves people. He stepped up to the microphone to speak on the first day of training camp. You can watch the full interview below, or read the transcript if you wish:

Linebacker Denzel Perryman

Q: At this point in your career, is there still nervousness and excitement on the eve of training camp?

Perryman: “Yeah, I’m nervous right now. My heart is still beating. It’s like being on the first day of school. You see everyone, bypass everyone again, start over. I wouldn’t say nervous, but like I said, it’s still the first day of school.

Q: How much, as a veteran, do you appreciate the educational approach of the new coaches?

Perryman: “I’m enjoying it. I mean, every day you learn something new. I would say. It’s happening in eighth grade for me, I’ve been in a few defenses. I’ve been in a defense similar to this one. But like I said, you learn something new. Like I feel like I know their defense and their whole plan, but it’s a learning curve for us. And the just being a veteran player, learning with the youngsters and just learning together is a good thing.

Q: How do you think the dressing room is handling all the high expectations for this season?

Perryman: “I don’t think anyone is paying attention to those expectations. We’re just trying to come together and be one football team.

Q: How important is accountability to this coaching staff?

Perryman: “Everyone has to be responsible. It’s 11 players on the pitch and if I don’t do my job I’ve probably ruined the whole defense. So that’s where that responsibility comes in. Everyone has to be at their job. It’s a new defense for everyone. It’s like a new scheme, so the onus is on you to learn defense. Obviously, we do it collectively, but when we’re not in the building, it’s up to you to do what needs to be done.

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Q: Going into training camp, having an event like the celebrity softball game and building camaraderie there with the Golden Knights and Raiders, what was that event like?

Perryman: “The softball game and the charity event itself were great. It was good to see how many people came out to support not only the Raiders, but also the Golden Knights. Just being there with those guys in general was fun. I need to work on my baseball skills, I can tell you that. But other than that, just getting together, two teams coming together for the community, it was great.

Q: There are reports that you are looking for a new contract?

Perryman: “I knew it was going to happen. To answer that question, my agent Ron Butler is handling it. I just want to play football.

Q: Do you feel more attached to Las Vegas now that you’ve spent a season here?

Perryman: “A little. I feel like I’m still trying to get my feet wet here. I got traded here. It was something unexpected, but it was a blessing in disguise for me. I mean , I had my best season last year and I’m going to try to get back to that. But just being here I’m not locked in to the end yet. I’m still trying, like I said , to get my feet wet.

Q: What kind of energy do you feel in the building and with the new regime?

Perryman: “I mean, I’m excited just for the season in general, like I said, everything is new. New coaches, new staff, new faces, new program and new year. So in terms of energy, I mean I’m always smiling and full of energy. I’m sure the guys are excited, so I think that’s where the energy level comes from…I’m excited for the season. As you all said, we have a lot of parts and you all expect a lot. We’ll just go out there and play.

Q: How has it been working with Antonio Pierce so far?

Perryman: ” It was great. He is a real player coach. And sometimes, like when he talks, he goes into it like he’s a player and honestly that makes me laugh. But you learn a lot. Like, he’s very understanding. He played the game, he ran the show and I’m just taking notes.

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