Penultimate US league MLB tempted by uniform advertising

What is the main difference between the uniforms of football teams (especially Liga MX) and those of MLB? Advertising. MLB has a great tradition of keeping clean uniforms for players, Without any advertising.

Generally, all brands associated with teams appear with static advertisements, but not with the hallowed uniform, which It just displays the sports sponsor brand and team name, and that’s it.

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However, After more than 100 years of historyThat could change for the 2023 season, as negotiations for a new collective bargaining agreement suggest doors are opening for teams to negotiate to display advertisements on uniforms.

American leagues fall under the temptation of propaganda

Gradually, the most important sports leagues in the United States allowed you to be attracted by advertising. In 2016, the NBA allowed advertisements on uniforms For equipment by small patch And in 2021 NHL He also opened the clothing space for brands.

Until now, Only MLB and NFL keep their uniforms clean, However, in the case of the major leagues, that could change for next season.

What difference will you make with uniform ads?

The sport has been rocked by the slump left by the pandemic, so leagues and franchises are trying to recover in whatever way. The NBA has found a new source of income in the game Even the Liga MX has restarted the playoffs.

Like other franchises, like FC Barcelona (and its deal with Spotify), For MLB, the escape route may be an advertisementthe same thing that would leave different earnings depending on franchise rank, because it’s not the same to appear in a Yankees uniform as it is in the Detroit Tigers, just to give an example.

according to ESPN informationThe least capable medical teams will earn between $8 million and $10 million per year, while the companies with the greatest impact will earn up to $20 million per year.

The presence of brands will be through patches similar to those worn on the NBA uniform, This in order not to try, as far as possible, against the tradition of clean uniforms, but at the same time to have sound finances.

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