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The 2022 MLB Little League Classic returns to Bowman Field in Williamsport this week. This is the fifth time the league has held a game in this small Pennsylvania town, famous for hosting the annual Little League World Series.

This year, the Baltimore Orioles and Boston Red Sox will take to the field, the first time either club has participated in this event. Another thing that is a first for this event, there will be not be unique uniform designs worn during play. Sorry to break this news to everyone.

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The Orioles and Red Sox will wear their usual regular-season uniforms for the game; the only addition will be the placement of a 2022 MLB Little League Classic logo patch on the right side of both team caps.

No reason is known for this change in the procedure of Little League Classic. Hopefully, this is just a one-season break from tradition.

Above is a recall of some of the past Classic Little League uniforms. I especially liked the direction they were going in 2021 when teams wore uniforms from the regions they would have represented if they were true Little League teams. I hope another aspect will return in 2023.

The 2022 MLB Little League Classic logo uses the same format as the style first introduced for last year’s game between Cleveland and Los Angeles. It shows the MLB silhouette and Little League logos side-by-side at the top with the event name below in navy, red and light blue. Other logo versions include the two competing club cap logos in the circles below.

As previously mentioned, the 2021 logo was the first of a new style for this event; for the 2017–19 games, the design included a large keystone shape with the two league logos on either side and the club’s cap logos below on team-appropriate colored backgrounds .

Here is the full history of MLB Little League Classic logos from 2017 to 2022 (there were no games in 2020):

The 2022 MLB Little League Classic, with both teams in their regular uniforms, will take place on Sunday, August 21, 2022; the first launch is set for 7:10 p.m. ET.

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