Nolensville Little League All-Star Team to be Honored as Bms Neighborhood Heroes at Bass Pro Shops Night Race

The Nolensville Little League All-Star team, which had a stellar run in the Little League World Series in August and captured the hearts of nearly every Tennessean with their “magical” play, will be honored as as neighborhood hero by Bristol Motor Speedway on Saturday night during pre-race ceremonies for the Bass Pro Shops Night Race.

The Nolensville team won the Southeast Region title and ultimately fell to Hawaii in the United States Championship game. They finished second in the U.S. minding their own business on and off the pitch.

“This incredible group of young men conducted themselves with such class and competitive fire in the Little League World Series, accomplishing something very special that the entire state of Tennessee is very proud of,” said Jerry Caldwell. , chairman and managing director of Bristol Motor Speedway. . “We are thrilled to be able to honor the team here at The Last Great Colosseum on Saturday night as BMS Neighborhood Heroes for their tremendous accomplishments.”

The Nolensville team will join members of the Walters State Regional Law Enforcement Training Academy and the Northview/Kodak Fire Department in being celebrated as BMS Neighborhood Heroes on the pre-race scene before the green flag for the Bass Pro Shops Night Race, a NASCAR Cup playoff race that begins at 7:30 p.m. ET.

Nine team members and their family members will be part of the group visiting the iconic Bristol Motor Speedway on Saturday. The team will stay and enjoy the race after the pre-race reconnaissance and celebration.

“Never in a million years would I have thought we would be invited to watch a NASCAR playoff race at Bristol Motor Speedway,” assistant coach Evan Satinoff said. “Bristol Motor Speedway’s invitation only solidifies the generosity and love that people all over the state volunteer for this team. It is an honor for our team to attend Saturday’s race and to to be recognized in front of so many passionate fans.

The nine players in the race are William Satinoff, Drew Chadwick, Jack Rhodes, Josiah Porter, Charlie Malom, Nash Carter, Lane Dever, Bo Daniel and Trent McNiel. The four players who were unable to attend the race due to prior commitments were JF Forni, Grayson May, Caz Logue and Wright Martin.

“To have our team play in the US title game was super surreal,” Satinoff continued. “For all of our players, coaches and families, watching the Little League World Series on TV has been a tradition for so many years. Playing the U.S. title game in front of 27,000 people and millions of spectators around the world was a moment our Nolensville All-Star family and community will cherish forever.

The Bristol Motor Speedway Neighborhood Heroes program was launched in 2017 and recognizes first responders, military members and other members of our regional communities who have gone beyond the call of duty in their profession to have a significant impact on the life of others. Over the years the program has honored many highly deserving individuals from towns all around Bristol Motor Speedway.

The Walters State Regional Law Enforcement Training Academy is honored for the excellent work it does in replenishing quality law enforcement personnel for a variety of agencies. Their cadets hold a variety of positions for law enforcement groups throughout the region and the state of Tennessee. Their newest class, No. 125, includes 51 cadets who will graduate on September 15, 2022. Many of these cadets will be attending as guests of Bristol Motor Speedway at the upcoming Bass Pro Shops Night Race. Travis Stansell, director of Walters State Regional Law Enforcement Training Academy, will accept the award at the pre-race stage along the front stretch of the track.

Firefighters from the Northview/Kodak Fire Department are being honored for their bravery in their efforts to battle the Wears Valley Wildfires in the Smoky Mountains, which have scorched more than 3,700 acres and forced hundreds of evacuations. During the fire, their truck was instantly surrounded by flames. As it seemed their fate would be the worst and there was no way out, the crew began calling family members to say goodbye. Miraculously, before the flames reached their truck and destroyed it, a logging bulldozer was spotted on the ridge which made a path to a logging truck that came out of nowhere to transport them to safety. Members of the Northview/Kodak Fire Department will be attending America’s Night Race as guests of BMS. Northview/Kodak Fire Chief John Satterfield accepts the award on behalf of his fire unit during the pre-race stage along the front stretch of the track.

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