New indoor baseball practice facility is coming to Evansville

Evansville residents are passionate about baseball. Most of us who have played at some point in our lives more than likely started as soon as we were old enough to join a city league or our elementary school team. When I was playing in elementary school, a lot, a lot, many years ago, the only time I trained was in practice. In recent years, the landscape has changed a bit. The competition has improved dramatically with many players working on their game year-round by playing on off-season travel squads and working at training facilities to hone their skills. These players will soon have a new option to take their game to the next level when a brand new baseball and softball practice facility opens on the north side of Evansville next year.

D-BAT Evansville will open a new indoor strike and training facility in 2023

Evansville 411 News Announced on Facebook earlier this week than D-BAT (Din development Bbeliefs, Aattitudes, and Jraditions) will open a location in Evansville on Ohara Drive near Berdolt Road early next year. The chain of training facilities was started in 1998 by brothers Cade and Kyle Griffis. Cade played a few seasons in the minor leagues before his career was cut short by a knee injury. Although the injury may have forced him out of the game, it did not kill his passion for the game. After leaving the game, he traveled to different cities in the country and gave private lessons . He came up with the idea of ​​opening his own indoor training facility and enlisted Kyle’s help to get the ball rolling. They opened their first location in Addison, Texas in 1998, which expanded to three locations in the first year. In 2008, they began franchising the brand and now have 135 locations across the country with 20 more currently under construction. This includes the Evansville location.

The franchise is owned by two lifelong baseball-loving Evansville residents and will include indoor baseball and softball batting cages, camps, clinics and private lessons with professional instructors. It will also include a pro shop selling all the gear a player needs to help them perform at their best on the pitch, such as gloves, mitts, bats, and more.

No specific opening date for the new location has been announced. Follow the Evansville D-BAT Facebook page for updates and learn more about what they will be offering when the doors open on their website.

[Source: Evansville 411 News on Facebook]

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