Miracle League of The Fox Valley Hosts Fundraiser To Support Baseball League For Kids Of All Levels

SUNDAY 10/17/2021 7:03 PM

APPLETON, Wis. (WFRV) – The Fox Valley Miracle League has announced it exceeded its goal and raised a total of $ 19,000.

The group won $ 7,184 through their fundraising for the “Duleing Pianos” concert and raffle. Originally, they hoped to win only $ 4,000 or $ 5,000 at the event to add to the more than $ 12,000 they had raised so far.

Kailee Vander Loop, the league’s program manager, said the $ 45 registration fee is not enough to run the league as a whole, so fundraising is critical to their continued operation.

“It certainly doesn’t cover the cost of running the program,” Vander Loop said. “Families are not supposed to fundraise like other leagues do to cover the costs of operations, equipment, etc. All of this is covered by donations and fundraisers like the event we had. this week-end.”

FRIDAY 10/15/2021 6:58 PM

APPLETON, Wisconsin (WFRV) – The Miracle League of the Fox Valley gives every kid the chance to be part of a team, but they have to fundraise to function. every child is fortunate enough to be just a child.

“It’s not a team, it’s a family,” said Chip Wood, a Fox Valley Miracle League announcer.

The Goodwill NCW program exists so that every child, regardless of ability level, can play baseball.

Kailee Vander Loop, league program manager, said, “The Fox Valley Miracle League is a program in north-central Wisconsin and we are an organized baseball league for children ages 4-19 with disabilities. intellectual or physical.

Organizers and volunteers say there is nothing quite like watching these children thrive when given the opportunity.

“Watching the kids the first game and how everybody’s really hesitant and they don’t really want to go to bat and they’re very nervous,” added Wood. “Compared to the end of the season where it’s all nonstop cheering and chanting and people are so happy to be there.”

“They can go out on the field, have their own field and be like their peers in a non-competitive sports league,” said Vander Loop. “A lot of us have been part of teams growing up and I think it’s important that all children of all abilities have this opportunity.”

Goodwill said they run their fundraisers so families only have to pay $ 45 to play and aren’t asked to do additional fundraisers.

“All of this money will be used to run the program, which is great because our families are not invited to fundraise,” Vander Loop said.

Goodwill officials say previous fundraisers for the program have brought in up to $ 10,000 for the year, but this year they have already surpassed that figure and raised $ 12,000 – in hopes of collect up to $ 4,000 or $ 5,000 more at the event itself.

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