Middletown native Kyle Schwarber back in World Series with second team

“He’s all about winning and he brings people with the same mindset,” Kerns said. “He has the ability to influence people at the next level.”

Prior to this season, Schwarber signed a four-year, $79 million contract with the Phillies. At the time, he told the Philadelphia media, “I’m in the business of winning baseball games.”

This season he hit .218 with a National League leading 46 homers and 94 RBIs, then added three home runs and four RBIs during the playoffs.

Rodney Muterspaw, former Middletown Police Chief, worked with Schwarber’s father, Greg, another former Middletown Police Chief. Muterspaw first saw Kyle when he was being held by his father on a beach in Jacksonville, Florida during a softball tournament.

Years later, Kyle sometimes went to work with his father in the police department. The size of his bank account didn’t change Schwarber, said Muterspaw, a freshman city council member.

“He’s a humble kid even though he has every reason not to be since he’s a super star,” Muterspaw said. “He doesn’t take fame for granted. He is punished. It’s cool to see someone from Middletown succeed nationally.

Middletown City Manager Paul Lolli called Schwarber “an outstanding representative of Middletown and a strong role model for the younger generation.” It embodies the values ​​on which Middletown was built.

Schwarber and his wife, Paige, became parents for the first time this year when their son, Kade, was born two days after Schwarber signed the monster contract with the Phillies.

He now has four wins after adding the two-time World Series champion to his resume.


WHAT: 2022 World Series between the Houston Astros and the Philadelphia Phillies

WHEN: Game 1: Phillies at Astros, Friday; Game 2: Phillies at Astros, Saturday; Game 3: Astros at Phillies, Monday; Game 4: Astros at Phillies, Nov. 1; Game 5 (if needed): Astros at Phillies, Nov. 2; Game 6 (if needed): Phillies at Astros, Nov. 4; Game 7 (if needed): Phillies at Astros, Nov. 5.

TV: Fox

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