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MENNO – If a newly created fundraising campaign is successful, the Menno Mad Frogs could play in front of a new scoreboard within a year or two.

A local group has started trying to raise funds for a new scoreboard at the local baseball park – which also hosts a number of youth teams – either in time for the 2018 season or for 2019.

“There was definitely a realization that we had to do something,” said Galen Guthmiller, a member of the Menno Baseball Association, who helped lead and start the fundraiser.

The current dashboard was installed before the 1998 season, but recent issues have forced either looking for an expensive replacement part or finding a way to buy a brand new dashboard, which could cost anywhere from $ 7,000 to $ 9,500, Guthmiller said.

“So far the current scoreboard has served us well, but we have had some issues,” he said.

As an example, when the game reaches the fourth inning, someone has to physically adjust some bulbs to make sure fans and players can see the number, Guthmiller said. And then there’s the problem where the home and guest scores look pretty low in the opening innings of a game.

Contacts have been made with Daktronics at Brookings in recent years and the part needed to repair the dash has cost over $ 1,000, Guthmiller said.

“We just decided not to spend the money and save for a new dashboard,” he said.

Menno’s current scoreboard, with a sponsorship sign from Menno State Bank, displays guest and home team scores, along with the round, current count, number of outs, and a move icon. sure or error.

Ideally, Menno would purchase a larger scorecard that showed the full line score inning by set, similar to the one at Riverside Field in Yankton or the new scorecard (installed this summer) in Crofton, Nebraska.

With that in mind, Menno will try to solicit donations on his own, Guthmiller said.

“We will do what we can here and there,” he said.

For example, Menno hosts an annual beanbag tournament during the season and a golf outing after the season, and each January features a wild game feed that helps raise funds for the team for things like the equipment, baseballs and uniforms. If need be, the resulting money could be used for a new dashboard, Guthmiller said.

“There could be additional fundraisers, with various things that we will plan for the future,” he said. “We are always looking for ideas. “

The future will benefit from a new dashboard, Guthmiller added. Not only will Menno’s amateur baseball team be able to use it, but also younger teams (such as Wee Pee, Pee Wee, and Midget).

“We are very fortunate to have a younger fan base,” said Guthmiller. “Having a well-equipped dashboard has come full circle. We really try to keep everything up to date.

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