Meet the team: Joe Binder

At Sox On 35th, we have a talented and passionate group of contributors who provide coverage throughout the year. To help you get to know our staff, we’ll be rolling out our “Meet the Crew” series of articles throughout the offseason. In this first episode, we get to know Joe Binder.

About me

My name is Joe Binder and I am the founder of Sox On 35th. I grew up in south-central Pennsylvania, but have since lived in New Jersey, Texas, and now Florida. Thanks to the name of my little league team and the 2005 World Series run, I’ve been a die-hard Sox fan from a young age.

In 2020, I graduated from Seton Hall University with a degree in Visual and Sound Media – a fancy way of saying television production – with a minor in sports media. It was during my first year that the beginning of the rebuild inspired me to create Sox On 35th (@SoxOn35th) on Twitter. At the time, I wanted something that would force me to follow the team on a regular basis, so what could be better than incorporating digital media?

After managing our account for several months and seeing how great it was to interact with other fans, I started our blog the following summer. What seemed to come out of nowhere, a group of a dozen contributors joined me soon after and the rest from there is history.

Outside of my full-time job, I continue to run our Sox On 35th socials with the help of Jordan Lazowski. I also have the pleasure of overseeing all operations of our page while working with our dedicated staff, which now numbers over 20 contributors.

Fast facts

  • Role of the page: Founder/Owner
  • Hometown: Harrisburg, Pennsylvania
  • Current City : Jacksonville Beach, Florida
  • Masters in Education: Seton Hall University – Visual and Audio Media, Minor in Sports Media

baseball fandom

  • Favorite White Sox player: Joe Crede (position player), Mark Buehrle (pitcher)
  • Favorite non-White Sox player: Ken Griffey Jr. (position player), Mariano Rivera (pitcher)
  • Favorite things about being a White Sox fan: Aside from the days when Leury Garcia isn’t in the lineup, I have to say my favorite thing is the community aspect of our fan base. I think the White Sox Twitter is incredibly unique, and we’re all blessed to have a place where so many different blogs, podcasts, and perspectives can co-exist.
  • Least Favorite Baseball Team: If we stay in the division, the Twins have long held the crown even as the Guardians close the gap. Otherwise, no one really comes close to the Astros.
  • Favorite White Sox uniform: The City Connect “Southside” plains are hard to pass up. Ask me before they were a thing and I would have given you the powder blues of 1968.
  • “Mount Rushmore” by White Sox players: Frank Thomas, Minnie Minoso, Mark Buehrle and Paul Konerko.
  • Favorite memory of the White Sox in person: Being from the Northeast, it’s really hard not to say my first series in Chicago a few years ago. I met a bunch of great people and won three games (two wins) with my dad in a stadium where we weren’t outnumbered after all.
  • Least Favorite Personal White Sox Memory: Aside from ALDS Game 1 which I missed because of work, pick any of the other games played in Houston in 2021. If you need a reason why I moved, there are just five the.
  • Favorite baseball movie: silver ball
  • Favorite baseball stadium: PNC Park in Pittsburgh tops the seven I’ve visited.
  • Baseball stadium you want to visit: Oracle Park in San Francisco.
  • Favorite baseball stadium food: You can’t go wrong with dogs and nachos.
  • Favorite Baseball Stats: Probably not the answer we wanted with this question, but Jordan Lazowski’s number of #SoxMath wins in 2022 (zero).
  • Calling the all-time favorite broadcaster: Ed Farmer’s Call of the Paulie Slam. Find me something more electric.

Personal Matters

  • Who would play you in a movie: My grandma says I look like Matt Damon (I can’t see him), so I feel like I have no other choice.
  • Favorite fast food: Five guys, Wawa
  • Favorite TV show: breaking Bad
  • Favorite hobby: Hiking, Photography
  • Last concert you attended: Chris Stapleton
  • Favorite Band/Artist: The black keys
  • Favorite professional team outside of baseball: Pittsburgh Steelers

Follow me

Twitter: @JoeBinder

Instagram: @joebinder20

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