Martial Artist Amanda Nunes Will Offer Metaverse Training

The Sports Metaverse has announced its partnership with Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) icon Amanda Nunes. As part of this partnership, Nunes is building her personal gym in the Sports Metaverse, and it will appear in 3D and train users on how to fight. Additionally, this partnership ushers in the launch of The Sports Metaverse Land Sale in the Lion Lands and Sports City metaverse, where users can trade NFTs, buy land, interact with sportspeople, and visit stadiums. The presale is currently underway and will open to the public in June. Five companies have already pre-purchased land. They include Phat Fish Fantasy, Own the Moment, ThriveFantasy, Beyond The Game Network, and Press Sports.

For Nunea, having a gym has always been a dream. “You want to be in control of your stuff, you want to train the way you want. You want to be able to share with the fans. I’m building my own gym in the real world and now I have one in the metaverse. J made a lot of mixed martial arts (MMA) history and can’t wait to have all my photos and memories of those times in my gym so every time I walk in I have a good vibe and I can train to do even more good things in sport. I can’t wait to take the next step in my life,” she said.

According to the company, besides Amanda Nunes and Romelu Lukaku, a range of sports stars and brands are lined up for The Sports Metaverse, with deals underway with top athletes from soccer, tennis, MMA, basketball and baseball.

It’s a pleasure to welcome Amanda Nunes and the five sports brands to the Sports Metaverse, said Chris Worsey, co-founder and CEO of SportsIcon. “Amanda’s gym and the training she will provide is unique. We are the metaverse volumetrically capturing icons like this, allowing consumers to interact with athletes in a whole new way. We look forward to the sale of the public land in June,” he added.

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