Man Throws Girlfriend Using Jumbotron Scoreboard During Baseball Game

Baseball games aren’t usually associated with grief, but a couple, whose relationship seemed to end in a minor league game, seem to be the exception to this rule.

Jumbotrons, while primarily used for scoring and highlighting key moments in the game, are a beloved part of the baseball experience. Seeing yourself on the giant screen is an exciting experience for many, and messages, often of a romantic or congratulatory nature, are frequently displayed for all to see. On-screen declarations of love, especially in the form of marriage proposals, have become so common that the trend has taken on a life of its own, dividing viewers and others.

According to USA today, the incident took place last Thursday during a RubberDucks baseball game in Akron, Ohio. Even though the night turned out to be a good night for the home side – they won the game 11-2 – one woman in the crowd was not so lucky.

In the middle of the “Fan Shout-Outs” displayed on the giant screen of the dashboard was the following message:

“Alyssa, this relationship is OVER.” The message was signed “Tim”.

Like Jack Haines, Creative Services Coordinator at RubberDucks, explained to WOIO 19 News, fans can purchase the autographs for $ 5. However, this post has moved away from the content they usually see.

“Usually it’s birthday cries, congratulations, a happy birthday and we had a breakup,” Haines told WOIO 19 News, adding that he was stunned when he saw the breaking note. “Going through the list, going through the list then, what the hell?” he said.

When the announcer read the message over the stadium speakers, the crowd reportedly went wild. “The crowd got pretty crazy,” Haines told the outlet. “They were quite loud, and from the press box it’s hard to hear some of the sounds, and we heard it for sure.”

A RubberDucks baseball game in Akron, Ohio recently featured a giant scream that sounded like a breaking message. The crowd at a 2007 New York Yankees baseball game.
Al Bello / Getty Images

That being said, Haines acknowledged News week it wasn’t the first on-screen break seen during a RubberDucks game. “This wasn’t the first breaking post we’ve seen on our board,” he said, adding that the screams included everything from “Happy Birthday” to “Add me on Snapchat”.

Despite the massive reaction to the post, Haines has no idea who “Tim” and “Alyssa” really are. “We don’t identify anyone when they submit fan cries,” he explained.

All signs, however, suggested the breakup was genuine. “We haven’t heard from either person and it was real as far as we know,” Haines said. He added, however, that there was “no verification” of the couple’s identity or status.

Images of the unlikely scream circulated on social media after the game, including one that can be found here.

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