Lower Eyre Baseball League to Hold Senior Carnival | Port Lincoln Hours

Residents are invited to attend a baseball presentation at the Ravendale Sporting Complex on Saturday, as the local baseball league hosts its first senior baseball carnival in many years.

Lower Eyre Peninsula Baseball hosted the Shield Security Systems Carnival Senior Game which will take place at the Ravendale Diamond starting at 12:30 p.m. with two teams made up of players from all four clubs in the league.

The nine-inning game will see a team made up of players from the Indians and Shields take on a team made up of players from the Coyotes and Saints.

It will be followed by a junior match made up of players from all four clubs and will last around an hour and a half.

It will be the first carnival of its kind since Wheatsheaf’s last carnival in 2005.

… hopefully it will attract spectators there and generate more interest in the sport.

Koren Jenkins

League president Koren Jenkins said the game would be a chance to introduce the sport to the community and showcase talent across the league.

She said that while it was sad that Tunarama was not happening this weekend, the game was a chance for people to enjoy a day at the baseball field.

“There’s been a lot of interest from players and everyone is very excited about it,” she said.

“The original idea of ​​doing something like this was to showcase baseball…hopefully it will bring some spectators out there and spark more interest in the sport.”

Entry is free into the diamond and full bar and canteen facilities will be available. Spectators are advised to adhere to COVID-19 protocols, which include checking in with QR codes and maintaining social distancing where possible.

It’s part of a big baseball weekend with games in North Shields and Ravendale on Friday night and a game between Indians and Shields in Ravendale on Sunday.

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