Louisville Jockeys, new college baseball team, coming in 2022

Move over the bananas of the savannah! The Louisville Jockeys are ready to wow their fans with contests, entertainment and their “Husky Jockey” charity race.

LOUISVILLE, Ky. – Louisville is about to have a new baseball team.

The Louisville Jockeys will be on the field next summer (May 2022) as part of the Ohio Valley League (OVL). OVL is a summer college league with teams from Kentucky, Indiana, and Tennessee.

Chad Miller, the team’s co-founder, is thrilled the Jockeys win the Diamond here in Louisville because of the city’s rich baseball history.

“The most important thing is that we want to increase the value of baseball, endorse and encourage the game,” Miller said. “It really puts us in a good position. “

The Collegiate Summer League mixes elite talent with performance, much like wrestling. The games are of course all about talent, but players can also show their personality by entertaining the crowd. Sometimes it’s games and prizes, but the Jockeys are planning to do some charity games … for every night.

One of the star events of a Jockey game will be a “Husky Jockey” race. The charity of the evening will provide four “jockeys” over 215 pounds to do a stick horse race. They will let the crowd place bets on the four jockeys and then use the collections to benefit the charity.

They take the total pot, split it 50/50, spend 50% on the end-of-season final races, and then choose one of the bettors from the winning jockey’s pot in a raffle to get the remaining 50%.

The winning jockey from each race will move on to an end-of-season opportunity, where pots from each match will create a grand prize donation. Miller thinks it will be close to $ 200,000.

“I think we’ve got a really fun mascot,” Miller said of why Louisville will love this team. “We have a playful jockey who represents health, fitness and fun. “

Miller said the Jockeys are still in the process of making a deal for where they will play in town. He said the roster can hold up to 35 players and currently 27 players are signed up. Of these 27, 22 players are local.

Miller also said he would offer all Little League players in town season tickets to the games.

The Louisville Jockeys’ first game is scheduled for May 30, 2022.

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