League of Legends Season 12: Player Achievements

A new year means a new League season and more content. We have already told you about the new Champions teased for the 2022 release, but that’s not all. Riot Games introduces Identity Customizations, a new way to show off your accomplishments. In Season 12, achievements will keep you playing. Don’t want to play ranked? Now you have a different way of showing how good you are.


Challenges are non-champion-specific achievements that require a bit of skill, luck, and expertise on a certain aspect of the game to be obtained. Players will be able to present three challenges on their profile for all of their friends to see. Tracking the progress of each challenge can be tracked in the Profile tab.

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Above, the progression of the challenges, and there are many. Some of them can progress organically, but players will likely need to focus on progressing some of them, like Slaying 3 Barons in a single match.

The challenges are divided into five categories:

  • Veteran challenges are progressed by playing a lot. Earning mastery points and obtaining First Bloods are challenges in this category.
  • The expertise focuses on mechanical and technical skills. Dodge multiple skills in a row or steal buffs from enemies.
  • Teamwork and strategy rewards players who play with their team. Progress by winning with an open Nexus or by killing while roaming
  • The collection is for the completionist in you. Unlocking Skins, Icons, and Eternals will advance.
  • Imagination challenges are the “unique” things in League, shown in the screenshot above. In addition to those listed, additional challenges include: surviving a fight with single-digit HP, killing an enemy under their fountain, and hitting snowballs in ARAM.


Completing specific milestones in challenges will earn you titles. Headlines will also appear in your profile banner, and this is another way to flex on your friends.

Some have been mentioned, and here’s how we think you get them.

Winning a certain number of games with an open Nexus earns you The Comeback Kid.

KDA Player, as the name suggests, will most likely be won with a high Kill – Death – Assist ratio in many games.

Flame Horizon is a reference to one of the biggest top laners on the Korean scene, Lee “Flame” Ho-jong. In the League scene, having a Flame Horizon means earning 100 more CS than your enemy laner, and earning that title will likely remind you of that.

Unkillable Demon King is one of Lee “Faker” Sang-hyeok’s nicknames. Winning a Zed duel (or any mirror duel) is probably the answer to getting this title. In case you forgot, here’s that legendary Faker moment.

Season 12 achievements, challenges, and titles will be available in the coming months.

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