Jets practice report | What is the No. 1 rule of Robert Saleh’s training camp?

Corridor Supervisor
CB Bryce Hall, who rotated on the first team with rookie Sauce Gardner, ended practice on Friday. Hall intercepted QB Zach Wilson on the first pass of team periods on a deep, underground ball intended for Jeff Smith.

“It was funny because it was kind of a racing period where I was thinking more about racing, but the receiver blew up, so I was in chase mode,” Hall said. “Then when I was in position I turned around, looked for the ball, put my hands out and was able to catch it. It happened in a split second but I was ready for the opportunity.”

Hall then ended driving the first-team attack in the ball-moving period again covering Smith. Wilson tried to catch the defense off guard without hunkering down on third down, but Hall, who led the team with 16 pass defenses in 2021, broke the pass.

“The receiver gave me an outward discharge,” he said. “I was able to get my hands on it and then come out of the break when he came back on the pitch. It was 3rd and short so I was probably watching something come back on the pitch and I was just able to make a play.”

Hall was one of three defensemen to record an interception in Friday’s session. S Will Parks picked off Joe Flacco on the sideline and tapped his foot as Flacco tried to connect with Keshunn Abram. The following game, Flacco tried to smear the ball, but Hamsah Nasirildeen fell on the grass to collect it.

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