How to get the Peoria Sunday Morning League baseball stats

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Question: Is there someone responsible for keeping the records of the Peoria Sunday Morning League? And do these recordings date back to the early 1930s? I think my dad may have played in this league. – Jacques

Responnse: The Peoria Sunday Morning League – the oldest amateur baseball league in the country – ended its 106th season in August when the Miller Lite Falcons won the championship by beating the Kohl’s Diamond Gallery Royals.

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Almost 50 players have played in Major League Baseball, including Jim Thome, Ben Zobrist, Joe Girardi, Bill Tuttle and Zach Monroe. Most league participants, however, have no higher aspirations than enjoying the sport they love.

Meanwhile, the league keeps statistics on each of them, said Tim Cundiff, president of the organization.

Peoria Sunday Morning League president and Miller Lite Falcons player Tim Cundiff calls for encouragement from the third baseline during his team's Thursday August 8, 2019 game against the Kohl's Diamond Gallery Royals in the final game of the Peoria Sunday Morning League Championship at Dozer Park.

“We have a comprehensive database of every player in league history, thousands of names,” Cundiff said. “… We can print or email an official career statistics sheet.”

At this time, this information is not available on the web. Thus, requests can be made through the league’s website:

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