Herz, Triantos, Alcántara, Howard, Nwogu, Davis, Bath, More

I love how close we get to the prospect side in spring training, given that the big leaguers aren’t participating. Don’t get me wrong, this part sucks. But it shifts the focus more to the minor league side, and we might as well enjoy seeing more of Mesa’s prospects than ever before.

Among the recent visuals…

What a fun match between DJ Herz and James Triantos. Looks like this round went to Herz:

I love this look at the shift handle from Herz:

Kevin Alcántara seems to be educated a bit by Joe Nahas, who himself is a dormant prospect and is a bit more advanced than Alcántara:

Ed Howard and Jordan Nwogu taking swings, the mechanics of each still seem a bit (#NotAScout) to me:

Cristian Hernandez shoots:

If Max Bain is in slow motion, does that make him Min Bain:

Brennen Davis BP:

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