“He made his choice. I don’t want him near this team” “He shouldn’t see a single moment in these playoffs”

Some of the biggest names in New York Yankees history have faced a tough end to their time in the scratches and it looks like Aroldis Chapman will be next.

The closer veteran dropped out of his team over the weekend as he was scheduled to kick off a bullpen session ahead of their American League Division Series opener against the Cleveland Guardians on Tuesday.

Chapman’s chances of making the roster were slim anyway, but instead of fighting for an opportunity, he took matters into his own hands and instead went home to Miami. The move reeks of complete unprofessionalism and has turned Chapman into a very unpopular name in the Bronx.

Manager Aaron Boone provided an update, saying Chapman is training at home. While that doesn’t necessarily mean Chapman will be allowed back for the later stages of the playoffs, it does at least keep him in contention on paper.

Aaron Boone said Aroldis Chapman continues to throw himself at Miami “but right now he’s staying on the sidelines”.

Chapman’s disastrous 2022 campaign, in which he recorded a 4.46 ERA in 36.1 innings, was only going to be enough to provide him with opportunities in low-leverage situations.

Unfortunately, the playoff stakes are far too high for the Yankees to even consider Chapman. His latest maneuver just made their decision to leave him even easier.

New York Yankees fans have taken to Twitter to express that they don’t want Chapman near the team during the playoffs.

@BryanHoch I don’t see how it can be brought back in any circumstance, completely bad atmosphere

@BryanHoch We don’t need that kind of negativity in our lives, Hoch🤣

@BryanHoch We don’t want that male child back on this team. Let him enjoy the beginning of his free will.

@BryanHoch No. He made his choice. I don’t want him near this team.

@BryanHoch He shouldn’t see a single moment in these playoffs

@BryanHoch Keep it in Miami. Let him pitch for his home team, the Marlins.

@BryanHoch Keep him away, I never wanna see him walk into Yankee Stadium again

@BryanHoch Chapman could be throwing a temper tantrum or tantrum. YANKEE FANS DON’T WORRY! Chapman is gone and should never return. He abandoned his teammates!!

New York Yankees GM’s stark response to Chapman’s absence

New York Yankees general manager Brian Cashman has never been one to mince words. His response to Chapman’s disappearance is as candid as one would expect.

Brian Cashman explains what led to Aroldis Chapman’s omission from the Yankees’ ALDS roster. https://t.co/C3T2yXDtb1

You have to go all out this time of year, and that’s disappointing. He actually made that kind of decision. He had to launch a live [batting practice], obviously to do his job as he was vying for his spot on the roster, as well as taking on our batters to give them that kind of competition as we navigate rest days between the Wild Card Series and our Division Series on set to start on Tuesday. Again, I can’t give any information on this, it’s just disappointing. -Brian Cashman

The Yankees hold a 1-0 series advantage against the Guardians, thanks to their 4-1 victory in Game 1. Game 2 is scheduled for later tonight at Yankee Stadium, with the first pitch at 7:30 p.m. ET.

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