Galt High School Bulletin Board Sponsored by 3 Local Businesses | News

The Galt High School baseball field has a brand new scoreboard after three local businesses teamed up to fund and assemble it. The previous dashboard malfunctioned, so Cal-Waste Recovery Systems, Bockmon & Woody Electric Co. Inc., and Diede Construction Inc. teamed up to replace it. They also installed netting to keep baseballs from flying on Highway 99.

“It means so much to us that you are ready to provide us with the scoreboard,” head coach Michael Tassano told sponsors ahead of a game on March 2. “It beautifies the pitch and gives us the opportunity to light it up every play.”

MaryBeth Ospital, who coordinates community outreach for Cal-Waste, said the scorecard “gives these kids a sense of pride in the field they now have. And that’s kind of part of what Cal-Waste does, with Diede and Bockmon & Woody, giving back to the community with community service, so we were happy to do that.

Pictured above, the Galt High baseball team stands in front of the new scoreboard on March 2. They are joined by, from left, head coach Michael Tassano and Cal-Waste’s Casey and Rudy Vaccarezza; and, from right, assistant coach Jason Evans and Cody and Jake Diede of Diede Construction.

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