Gallatin Valley All-Stars Youth Baseball Team Raises Funds to Enter Regional Tournament | SWX right now

THREE FORKS, Mont. — If images from the movie “Field of Dreams” come to mind when you hear about the Gallatin Valley 11U All-Stars, no one could blame you.

The small group of 12 elementary students come from small towns in central Montana, including Three Forks, Whitehall, Amsterdam and others.

And one thing is certain: they love to play ball.

“It’s so much fun,” said Tyzer Rains, who most often plays on the court for the All-Stars. “Every day I wake up and I’m super excited for ball practice. [I get excited for] tournaments, and it’s always fun to win.”

And they win. For the second year in a row, the All-Stars are the state champions of Montana.

Now they will be able to play at the Cal Ripken Pacific Northwest Regional Championships in Kennewick, Washington. This is the opportunity of a young person’s life.

“It’s their preparation and hard work [that got them this far]”Head coach Zak TeSoro said. “They come from hard-working families, so it’s kind of ingrained in them. They work hard and it pays off.”

It’s every kid’s dream to represent their small hometown in a big baseball game. But it will take more than a bat, a glove and a bucket of balls to make that dream come true.

The All-Stars are run by volunteers, which means this type of trip is a huge financial burden, as they will have to pay out of pocket for gas, meals and accommodation for 12 kids and three coaches.

In response, the parents opened a GoFundMe, where anyone can donate any amount to help get these kids to regionals.

And the All-Stars even did a little fundraising themselves.

“This weekend we were at the rodeo and we had a fundraiser there,” TeSoro said. “I think some of the kids went to different businesses in the Gallatin Valley to get their support.”

“Hopefully they can raise enough money where it’s not just such a financial blow to get to Kennewick,” TeSoro continued.

It’s been a dream season for these small-town athletes, and it’s not over yet. How far do they think they can go?

“I feel like we can go pretty far this year,” Rains said. “We’ve got a really good defense this year. Our infield is bright. The outside bats are rolling. Our base run is good. Our outfield is good. All good right now.”

“I think we can go out there and win,” Rains added.

The All-Stars made their trip to Washington on Wednesday morning, but the GoFundMe remains open if you want to help these kids achieve some dreams.

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