Former KWC baseball player now coaches Owensboro youth

We take a look at a remarkable alumnus from our three states who turned his diamond skills into a career where he can mentor the young people of Owensboro.

Chase Andrews has been on the baseball field his entire life, and his passion for being behind the plate led him to the Kentucky Wesleyan where he spent three seasons as a chef under the mask.

After a dominant junior season that saw him hit better than .335 on the year, he thought MLB might call his name, but the pandemic shortening his next season gave him a change of perspective.

“Right after I quit everything and spent a year in limbo, I learned what really mattered to me, and I really fell in love with serving others and teaching people what I knew,” said Chase. Andrews, ISO Baseball Academy remedial instructor.

And after graduating in 2021, Andrews accepted a job at ISO Baseball Academy as a catching instructor, where he was able to teach the younger generation all the skills he learned during his illustrious career.

“Amazing,” Andrews said. “The growth has been slow. A few kids turned into a few more kids, and now I’m working with some really talented players in the area, and I hope it will continue to grow from there.

And when you take lessons with Cameron, you can turn any pitcher into an ace.

“There are a lot of little niceties in the game of baseball, and from the receiving position you can really affect the outcome of the game more than people think,” Andrews said. “The most important thing in catching, besides just catching the ball, is making throws near the strike zone look like hitting.

And while Andrews strives to help kids hone their skills in the field, he also makes sure they’re mentally prepared.

“I teach kids how to deal with the realities of baseball,” Andrews said. “Everyone wants to work on their swing or their mechanics, but the reality is that baseball challenges you when you’re faced with frustration or panic, and how you react to those things is really what decides whether you are successful. or not.

Andrews just started this career a little over a month ago, and he’s not sure where it will take him, but he’s sure he’s found his passion.

“I absolutely loved playing and being successful on the pitch has always been a pleasure, but every time a parent contacts me and says, ‘Hey, my kid looks like another player. They are having so much fun. They move forward with much more confidence. That makes me very rewarding in my work.

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