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For Bryce Massey, open up D-BAT Evans The baseball and softball academy allowed him to come full circle from his days at the University of Augusta. Massey was a kinesiology major in the College of Education and Human Development and played baseball for the Jaguars.

Since his college days, he has worked in public education and is still at Greenbrier Middle School, where he serves as athletic director and head football coach. He was also a baseball coach, but has since retired.

Now he’s added entrepreneur to his resume. Owning a D-Bat franchise was not in his life plans, but the chance to get into the world of baseball outside of school and give back to the area at the same time was an opportunity that he couldn’t let it go.

In the fall of 2020, his now business partner Corey texted him asking if he had ever heard of D-BAT. After doing some research, they decided to commit to opening the facility.

D-BAT Evans offers several indoor batting cages.

He made the decision with the help of his business partner and his wife, Riki.

“I felt like God was opening that door and it was obvious that this was a great opportunity and a great setup. We started talking about what it would be like and said we could probably do it,” Massey said.

D-BAT Evans is a 20,000 square foot building featuring batting cages, machine pitching cages, pitching mounds and hit-track machines that can deliver the analytics that baseball players today today are looking for. Unlike other organizations that have travel teams, D-BAT Evans is quite the opposite.

“We are an institution open to everyone. We really focus on camps, clinics and lessons. We knew there was a need and it has been confirmed since we opened it,” added Massey. “I can’t tell you how many times people have said over and over, ‘Thank you so much. We’ve always needed that.’ »

“We are an institution open to everyone. We really focus on camps, clinics and lessons. We knew there was a need and it has asserted itself since we opened it.

Since opening in March 2022, Massey said it was like “drinking from a fire hose”. The timing couldn’t have been better with the start of Little League seasons as well as a week of rain dominating the weather in Augusta.

His wife Riki was handling the business side of the establishment and they had a good plan in place to get D-BAT Evans known. But being the parents of three children, they decided early on that it was not just about monetary gain.

“What we really wanted to do, and that’s the honest truth, is we wanted to impact our community through this facility, through the families that come here, through the instructors that we have and even the people at the reception. It made all the difference.

They also relied on other Augusta University alumni to be instructors. Among them is Clint Hardy, who was named one of the best players in the Peach Belt Conference his senior year.

Massey also uses his degree in kinesiology to help kids and teens maximize their throwing and hitting potential. He said even the smallest physical adjustments can have a big impact on a player’s abilities.

Bryce Massey opened D-BAT Evans.

“I have taken a few courses and sometimes I love to intervene. It’s amazing the body ratings and what they are doing now to gain momentum. It’s the smallest detail they take. It’s hip or ankle flexion or it’s a slight pronation, a bit of a mobility issue. It’s crazy!”

Having family support from day one was key. His wife was willing to listen and support the idea from the start. Now they are trying to find the life balance that everyone is looking for after being so successful in the first few months after launching the business.

” It was wonderful. Our children have been wonderful; they were super flexible. We just have to figure out how to find rhythms as a family and start getting out of this place once in a while and make sure we’re protecting family time as well.


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