FanDuel Promo Gets $150+ League Pass For MLB, NBA & NHL Betting

A busy Wednesday with both the MLB Championship Series and a dozen NBA games features $5 Bet Get $150 plus NBA League Pass promo at FanDuel Sports Betting.

This means you can bet a minimum of $5 on any running event and receive $150 in free bets once the bet is settled – win or lose.

No code is needed for this — you can register here.

I have provided several examples of how this offer can work on Wednesdays.

Key things to know

Registration is extremely simple:

  1. Sign up for FanDuel Sportsbook.
  2. Make a deposit of at least $10.
  3. Bet $5 or more on any sport and win or lose, get $150 in free bets plus three months of free viewing on NBA League Pass.

You’ll get the $150 and the League Pass either way:

  • If your first bet wins: You keep the winnings and your deposit. You also get $150 in free bets and a free 3-month subscription to NBA League Pass.
  • If your first bet loses: You still get the $150 free bets plus the free 3-month NBA League Pass membership.

Bet this promo on the Phillies-Cardinals

OK, here’s an extra bet you can consider using this promotion on.

Suppose you deposit $50 to bet on this Same Game Parlay on the Phillies-Cardinals at 4:35 p.m. ET.

Bet Line
Less than 7.5 total strokes -172
Rhys Hoskins to record a hit -165
Blake Snell less than 6.5 strikeouts -118
Total +427

Jim Turvey designed this in his Game 2 preview:

I think it will be a low score game. The Phillies are strong against left-handed pitchers, but the Padres’ bullpen is pretty well rested if Snell runs into trouble early on.

[Hoskins] also excels against fastballs and sliders and can handle changes, and that covers the majority of Snell’s repertoire. If this game ends late, the Padres will also likely turn to Josh Hader, who is tough to hit but features another fast-moving southpaw.

The Phillies were middle of the road in terms of strikeouts against lefties this season, and while Snell has some nasty strikeout tricks, it’s a play on him that doesn’t last long enough in this game to reach this number.

  • If all three parts of the parlay are met, you win $213.50 and keep your initial $50. You will also get $150 in free bets and hold a total of $413.50 plus the NBA League Pass.
  • If one or more of the legs don’t touch, you still get $150 free bets plus NBA League Pass.

Free bets and Suns-Mavericks

Fast forward to 10:10 p.m. when the Suns host the Mavericks for their season opener.

You will have at least $150 in free bets whether your previous bet wins or loses. You cannot withdraw free bets – they can only be used to place bets.

Let’s say the Phillies-Padres bet misses and you place all $150 on Suns-Mavs.

Turvey explained his choice for this game with Chris Paul on 8.5 assists:

The books most likely set that number low (it’s 8.5 across the board) due to Dallas’ pace, but Paul averaged 13.0 assists per game last season against a similar Mavericks team. Jason Kidd’s aggressive defensive schemes can work against many teams, but a maestro like Paul has proven able to set them apart in recent years.

Add to that the fact that I think it will be a very tight game and therefore require long minutes, plus the fact that Paul is in full health at the start of the season, and I like that number with even a little wiggle room.

These odds are priced at -260 at FanDuel at the time of this writing. Since this is a minus money bet (we always suggest a plus money bet), let’s throw this into another betting recipe:

Bet Line
Chris Paul Over 8.5 assists -260
Luca Doncic Over 8.5 rebounds -113
Devin Booker Over 24.5 points -115
Phoenix Suns Silver Line -190
Total +617
  • If the bet is successful, you will win $925.50 ($150 x 6.17). You don’t keep the $150 in free bets.
  • If the parlay doesn’t hit, you have $0. You will still have the NBA League Pass subscription.

Here’s more to consider with our betting preview for Mavs-Suns:

FanDuel For info

Here are the FanDuel registration steps:

  1. Use this linkno FanDuel promo code required (link includes what you need!)
  2. Enter all your real registration information (name, address, etc.)
  3. Deposit using bank account, credit card or PayPal
  4. Make your first bet.

You can do everything but bet from the state you live in – register, withdraw, deposit, etc. You simply cannot bet until you are within the borders of a legal state.

For example, if you place a bet on Sunday Night Football and leave the state on Sunday afternoon, you can still cash out on Monday if it wins.

Here’s an FAQ on everything you need to know about travel to a legal betting state.

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