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Seaman Vincent Beckman of #StatenIsland #NewYork recently graduated from #Navy’s only #BootCamp. We sat down with him to ask him a few questions, so everyone had the chance to meet one of our new sailors!

Q: Why did you join the Navy?

A: I joined the Navy mainly because of my family and because I wanted a new challenge in life. I wanted more financial stability for my family, and the Navy provided educational benefits that I wanted for myself and my family. Being a firefighter has taught me a lot and I’ve seen a lot of challenges throughout my life so far, but felt I had to do more and keep going. By joining the Navy, I felt I could take my family and I on adventures and challenges that some wish they could face, and because of that, I will thank the Navy every day for giving me the chance to do so. ‘have done.

Q: What does it mean to you to be recognized as a Star Sailor?

A: I feel good. I am the oldest of 3 children. My single mom taught us that the little things matter most in life and that nothing just happens for granted. Receiving recognition gives me the assurance that I not only have followed my mother’s teachings, but also shows me that I am on the right track to be successful in my life. I have tried writing things down to express my feelings about how I can now keep moving forward to the next challenge in life, expressing my joy to my wife – that I will come home by showing her to her and our daughter that I ‘I’ll do my best for them. They can wake up each morning and be proud of the man who supports and honors them day in and day out. Knowing now that I have been recognized gives me the idea that there is so much more to overcome and face. Life is truly like the ocean where there are open possibilities that never end. Sometimes there are storms and high waves; as long as you don’t give up and keep swimming you will accomplish all that awaits you and see this shore. It puts me in the spotlight of my followers and family that I can’t afford to spoil or let go.

Q: Who motivated you during training camp and how did they do it?

A: I will definitely say that my RDCs played a big part in my 8 weeks at training camp for many reasons for which I will always be grateful. One day, I hope to sit down and thank them. They understood my situation and allowed me to speak freely about what I wanted from it all. They took the time to teach me and show me how to take the next step / challenge.

Second, I will have to thank my wife and daughter who of course I couldn’t help but think about, which got me through training camp. My wife is my Right Angel. She deserves more than what life and I have given her while I am here as a sailor. She influenced me to become a born again Christian, which has had a huge influence in my life as she has allowed me to understand many situations where we can learn from everyone. I will say that his letters and photos certainly encouraged me to keep going through every difficult moment. My daily promise to her, my daughter and myself is that I will never disappoint my ladies.

The third person I have the chance to mention is my mother. My mom never had the easy task of raising 3 kids with her in New York City, but made sure we had everything we needed. She really made sure that we were up to date with our education, our sports and our morals in life. I try to improve myself every day, thanks to her and the life we ​​have lived. My mother was honorable for her 3 children and I will always do my best to show my appreciation for everything she did.

Q: What was the biggest challenge for you during training camp?

The hardest part of the training was the running. I am active outdoors and in sports, but long distance running was not something I was good at. I was scared for days and nights that my racing problem would cause me to fail my family and the Navy because of my struggle, but I got over it as best I could so that I could add it to my stories. of success in my life. Not only will I be thanking both my RDC leader and my 3rd RDC – they sprinted across the track for me, screaming and pushing me to lean forward and take off when I got to my last curve – but I have to thank my wife and my daughter. I saw them in my head at the finish line, and I thought, “This is graduation and my big reward. “

Beckman plays and supervises football and baseball in his spare time. He became active in the church and operated a DIY and landscaping business before enlisting. He holds a Bachelor of Business Administration degree from Columbia Southern University at #OrangeBeach #Alabama. He can’t wait to reunite with his wife and daughter after leaving training camp.

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