Dodgers Focused On ‘Playing Great Baseball’, Not Scorecard Watching

The Los Angeles Dodgers offense found an early rhythm and eventually pulled away to an 8-2 win over the LA Angels in the Freeway Series rubber game at Dodger Stadium.

Walker Buehler did not have his best assets as he tied a career-high with four walks but nonetheless had a quality start, allowing just one run in six innings of work.

“The Fastball drive wasn’t very good, but some of the other things hit some points and were good,” Buehler said after the game. “Lucky to come out of there with just one run. Obviously the offense put me in a pretty good position early on, so hats off to them.

Buehler cited his development as a pitcher and Will Smith’s play appeal in being able to work on multiple jams. “I think I might be improving a little bit so that I don’t try to get out of it,” Buehler said of the single point retirement.

“I don’t know. A combination of our receivers putting the right fingers on and the defense playing well. It’s like that. I think I’ve been lucky on a lot of points, but I’m trying to do good throws when it counts.

In beating the Angels on Sunday, the Dodgers kept pace with the San Francisco Giants and remain within four games of first place in the National League West standings.

Since July 2, there have only been two days in which the Dodgers have won and the Giants have lost, not counting the games they have played against each other.

“I think when you have the talent that we have and the team that we have, honestly we are more worried about playing good baseball and meeting our expectations than anything else,” Buehler replied when asked. asked if his teammates were looking at the scoreboard.

“We kind of think the rest will take care of themselves in terms of rankings and everything. I think as long as we play with our abilities, everything will be fine no matter how it all goes.

“I think that’s the most important thing for us: to be healthy, to regain all of your strength and to get everyone back into the rhythm to move forward like this.”

Buehler: Dodgers ‘ecstatic’ Pujols beat Angels

After taking the 3-0 advantage in the bottom of the second, Albert Pujols added to the Dodgers lead with a two-run homerun over Angels rookie Reid Detmers.

It was Pujols’ first home run against the Angels since his release from the organization in May. “It’s an interesting situation when you have a guy of that stature playing against his former team,” Buehler said of Pujols against the Angels.

“It’s just a little different. I’m sure it was doing him good, and we’re obviously delighted for him. He has been an integral part of our team since he arrived here and we are certainly happy to have him.

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