Dodgers: Dave Roberts recalls apologizing to his team for a launch decision

From our sofas, it’s easy to make the right choice in our own minds while watching professional sports on TV. As Dodgers fans know, we have plenty of opportunities to scratch our heads and scream on the TV, laptop, or tablet about questionable moves or decisions in a season of 162. games plus the playoffs.

Of course, it’s also easy to imagine players on the pitch sometimes sharing the same feeling.

With that in mind, Dodgers skipper Dave Roberts was recently on the “Talkin Shop with Coach Ballgame and Coach (Chad) Chop” podcast. He was asked if he ever had to apologize to a player. He reinforced the response by telling a story where he apologized to the whole team.

“It was a home game and it was a draw. The book, The Baseball Book, says bring your closest and our closest at the time was Kenley Jansen. I decided to go with another reliever to save Kenley for another part of the roster. We lost the game, so I brought everyone into the clubhouse.

Dave said he didn’t want to escape responsibility or blame someone else.

“I said the game was against me. I made a decision that seemed like the best chance for us to win and this loss is for me. Then I gave the reason I did it because I believe in the player I put on top of the ninth. If things just don’t make sense and they don’t work out, you better be prepared to be accountable to the players. “

Dave the player manager

This story is of course told from Roberts’ perspective, but it’s safe to say most Dodger fans would believe it. Despite all the criticism of Roberts’ playing choices during his tenure, not a soul in the world doubts his abilities as a leader of the players. Doc can run a clubhouse together. He has the ability to lead a team as a cohesive unit. The players who played for Dave never have anything negative to say about him.

This story is particularly intriguing given the number of times endgame casting decisions have been questioned by the media and Dodger fans in general. Still, Roberts led the Dodgers to a World Series title. Not a single Dodger fan will soon forget him.

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