Detroit Tigers fans are thrilled to see the team’s third goal Jeimer Candelario, making him a free agent

The Detroit Tigers have untendered third baseman Jeimer Candelario, making him a free agent for 2023. They avoid paying him $7 million in arbitration. He’s been the Tigers’ primary third baseman since being traded there by the Chicago Cubs in 2017.

Candelario is coming off a down year in 2022. He hit .217 this season with just 13 homers. He regressed after having very good seasons in 2020 and 2021.

The Tigers have 3B Jeimer Candelario untendered. Candelario earned $5.8 million last season and could have been awarded around $7 million in arbitration. Willi Castro and Harold Castro were also not submitted.

The Detroit Tigers don’t see Candelario regaining the offensive rhythm he once had. As for the money owed to him, they preferred to move on. They’ll likely be looking for third base help in free agency.

Detroit Tigers fans are happy the team is leaving Candelario. They are ready for the team to take a few steps to improve the team. It’s been hard for fans to watch this team because they haven’t been a .500 team since 2016.

“And it starts. I love the moves,” one fan cheered.

“Candelario was way too inconsistent to keep,” said another.

Candelario was far too inconsistent to keep…

None of these moves are too surprising. Now the Tigers have a lot of work to do to rebuild their infield. From now on you are watching: 1B: Torkelson2B: SchoopSS: Báez3B: ??? It is also quite possible that they are looking for other options at 1B and 2B.…

Candelario had a really bad 2022, but the dude had a 120 wRC+ in 2021 out of 149 games. Average also defensively at 3B……

Change is on the way!…

The right gesture…

Logic. However, a real replacement must be found.…

Scott Harris starts off with fantastic moves…

Fans think it was the right decision to make. They are delighted that the team is committed to change. They are confident that the new president of baseball operations, Scott Harris, can improve this team.

Fans are wondering who the team will target at third base now that they have a hole there. Could they target Justin Turner or Brandon Drury in the free agent market? It’s not a first landing spot for free agents, but they did manage to sign Javier Baez last offseason.

Fans are ready for the Detroit Tigers to be a game changer

Detroit Tigers vs. Chicago White Sox Game 1
Detroit Tigers vs. Chicago White Sox Game 1

The Detroit Tigers kicked off their offseason by parting ways with vice president and general manager Al Avila. They soon announced that San Francisco Giants general manager Scott Harris would fill the role. Harris was announced as the team’s new president of baseball operations.

He is ready to straighten out this organization. The last six seasons have been disappointing.

Harris has made it clear he has complete faith in Javier Baez, who struggled in 2022. He hit .238 on the year with a .278 on-base percentage. He expects Baez to be a game changer and said he expects Baez to be the team’s starting shortstop next season.

Scott Harris is ready for this team to reach their potential. We’ll see what moves he has in store to try and improve the Tigers for 2023.

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