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Certain things go hand in hand with summer… spending time at the beach, opening a can of adult or non-adult beverage, taking an extravagant vacation and, for many, watching or playing baseball, America’s greatest pastime.

For members of the all-star Coronado Little League Juniors team, they lived the baseball life this summer. They surged through the playoffs and reminded those in San Diego County of the rugged and abundant talent and skill of the Coronado Little League.

It was a rather remarkable run for the Junior All-Star team, made up of the best players from the Junior Division, Coronado Crowns and Coronado High Tides teams.

The team is made up of 15 extremely talented young ballplayers, including: Ryder Albin, Aidan Arendt, Trey Arnold, Andy Chapman, Gehrig Evans, Will Foster, Stanley Guymon, Chase Jenkins, Jake Nelson, Carson Pusch, Spencer Reiderson, Benny Roberts, Ozzie Smith, Vincent Wastila and Matt Weiler.

Leading the tenacious pack this summer were head coach Jason Smith and coaches Rob Arnold, Dave Evans and Jason Roberts. With such a talented, deep, and well-assembled roster, it’s no surprise why the teams’ push into the playoffs has gone so far.

For starters, the Junior All-Stars were tasked with the District 32 tournament. Coronado would work his way to the bracket. But perhaps the most memorable moment of all the matches came during their quarter-final match.

Trailing at one point by eight points, things looked pretty bleak for Coronado. But as the old saying goes, “it ain’t over till the fat lady sings.” Coronado would shake off the slow start and mount a massive ten-run comeback in one set that would be capped off with a grand slam through Chase Jenkins to put Coronado in the driver’s seat the rest of the way as they continued to pick up the 10- 9.

The momentum Coronado would gain from the win would push them all the way to the District 32 Championship, where on July 5, they would win the title as they better off the Little League Peninsula to hoist the District 32 Championship banner.

However, the sensational summer season wouldn’t end there for the boys of Coronado. With the victory of the junior team, they would move on to the section tournament. Coronado would continue to stay hot as they went 2-1, including a great win from behind in the semifinals to advance to the Sectional Championship Series against Scripps Ranch.

Unfortunately for Junior’s All-Star team, this is where the race would end as they would fall in the title streak to Scripps. For the boys in green and black, this not only ends their season, but also closes the book on their time with Coronado Little League. Like so many past Coronado teams, many of these boys have played together or against each other since Tee-Ball.

While the season may be over, it will undoubtedly be a lasting memory and a time stamp in their baseball travels that no one will soon forget.

FLIGHT. 112, NO. July 29 – 20, 2022

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