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Just hours after winning his second consecutive Class AA State Baseball Championship, Logan was back on his baseball field, celebrating with a picnic and the atmosphere that came with it, the team, the family, friends and community.

“We said we wanted to take them out, have a nice dinner party to celebrate, and some parents suggested we throw a ballpark party and have it like a picnic,” Logan’s coach recalls , Kevin Gertz. “So we come back, there’s about six cornhole boards in the outfield, everyone’s having a great time, and it’s been a couple of hours. Around 10 a.m., we finish and I see the door to the weight room open and the light on. And Korbin Bostic was working out in the weight room.

Understand, Bostic, an outfielder, is a senior, who signed with Bluefield State.

And to understand that is to understand Logan’s success on the diamond the past two seasons.

“Last year we won the state championship on a Saturday, and we were home the next day and my dad called me and said, ‘You’re not going to believe this. here.’ Turns out he went through school and our eight returning starters were training. I’ve never had a team that works on their game like this team does, and they do it by themselves- same.

Bostic and two junior teammates, pitcher Dawson Maynard and catcher Jake Ramey were named to the Class AA All-State Team released Wednesday by the West Virginia Sports Writer’s Association.

There were other groups of teammates on the first team, including Robert C. Byrd infielder Nathaniel Junkins and outfielder Nick George, Fairmont Senior outfielder Evan Dennison and utility Gunner Riley, pitcher of Shady Spring Cam Manns and utility Josh Lovell and Independence wide receiver Atticus Goodson and Michael McKinney.

Bostic, Maynard, Goodson and McKinney as well as Collin Cottrell of Sissonville are repeat first-team offenders.

Bostic had a banner year, hitting .407 with 10 doubles, four triples, four homers and he drove in 39 runs.

“And I think defensively he’s the best outfielder in the state of West Virginia,” Gertz said.

Maynard was a utility pick and he fit the bill, but was named pitcher this year. He was 5-1 with an .91 and was the winning pitcher in Game 1 of the state tournament, beating Shady Spring’s Manns, another teammate. He hit .495 with 11 doubles, five triples, six home runs and 45 RBIs.

“Dawson is a special player,” Gertz said. “If he was just a pitcher, I think he could go to a Division I school and help them. If he was just an infielder, I think he could go to a Division I school and start for four years. He had arm issues, lost about 8-10 miles of his speed and still increased those numbers.

Ramey has caught all 36 games from Logan this year, a rarity these days.

He hit .413 with eight doubles, one homer and 41 RBIs.

“He’s not the biggest guy, and he took a beating there, but he’s tough, and that never bothered him,” Gertz said.

“He was our No. 3 hitter and got the job done offensively as well.”

Goodson and McKinney were also repeat first-team offenders, but Goodson made a big leap from outfielder to receiver. His game has never missed a beat.

Goodson hit .462 as the Patriots leadoff hitter, homered eight times, scored 41 runs, walked 13 times and was hit by pitches 19 times. His on-base percentage was .628.

Goodson played six different positions defensively this year, was a pitcher (3-2, 1.81 earned runs, 66 strikeouts in 38.2 innings) and was the only player to receive two or more votes at pitcher, catcher , infield, outfield and utility.

“When he first came to me in freshman year, he said he was a catcher, but we had guys there and he became one of the best outfielders in the state,” said said Independence coach Scott Cuthbert. “At the end of last year he came to me and said he wanted to catch, and we had a need there. We tried it in a bullpen session in the gymnasium and he took to it right away.

Goodson will travel to Walters State to play baseball in the fall. Walters State is considered one of the top JUCO baseball programs in the nation.

McKinney, who signed with NC State, repeated as an infielder. He hit .412 with eight homers and 28 walks.

“I don’t know if I’m the best player, but I’m sure I haven’t had a kid as athletic as Michael,” Cuthbert said. “He can do things that normal people can’t do. He makes every play. You don’t find many 6-foot-4 shortstops who can do the things he can do.

The other duos, like Logan, were state tournament teams.

Fairmont, who fell to Logan in the championship game, was represented by Dennison and Riley.

Dennison hit .457 for the Polar Bears with nine doubles, five triples, seven home runs and a .570 on-base percentage and had a team-best 69 at-bats.

Riley, a utility player, led the team in batting at .475, with 13 doubles, three triples and five home runs.

Robert C. Byrd, who fell at Fairmont in the semifinals, was led by Nathaniel Junkins and Nick George.

Junkins hit .464, with 11 doubles, two triples and six homers. The senior infielder was named team captain.

George hit .465 with 25 doubles, three home runs and 39 RBIs.

Shady Spring was represented by Cam Manns and Josh Lovell.

Manns, who picked up a big Class AA Region 3, Section 2 series win over Independence, was 6-1 this season with a 1.96 ERA and struck out 75 in 39, 1 sleeve.

“He started getting noticed at the state level when he beat Independence in the sectional tournament,” coach Jordan Meadows said. “This year he played like we knew he would, and he’s a player. The experience of state tournaments in all the sports he plays (football and basketball, where he played two state championship games, winning one) gave him the composure to compete at a high level.

Lovell, a utility player who played everything from catcher to outfielder to designated hitter, hit a team-best .475, had 47 hits, including five home runs and 43 RBIs.

“Josh was our leader this year from Game 1,” Meadows said. “He led the team all year in batting average, and we knew we could count on him in big situations. He’s held many positions in his career and he’s played them all well.

Cottrell is a repeat pitcher for Sissonville, and he went 9-3 with a 1.19 ERA. He had 118 strikeouts and only 11 walks this season.

Bluefield’s Kerry Collins and Jacob Howard, both infielders, have been two of the best hitters in Region 3 this season.

Collins set a school record 10 home runs, including two 3-pointers in a must-play game at Shady Spring. Collins hit .515 and drove in 43 runs.

Howard led the region in batting at .586 and had 15 doubles, three triples, five home runs and 36 RBIs. He has been walked 26 times, with 75% of those coming by intentional walks.

North Marion’s Cole Malnick was also a first-team utility pick. As a pitcher, Malnick was 6-2 with 73 strikeouts in 41.2 innings with 73 strikeouts and a 2.64 ERA. At plate, he hit .458 with eight doubles, two triples, three home runs, 28 RBIs and 30 runs scored.

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