Claremore High School Baseball Team Donates Food to Rogers County Jail

Life is more than baseball for the Claremore High School Baseball Team! They are doing something good for families in need before Thanksgiving.

“Excellent in class. Excellent in the community. Great on the Field ”is the motto of the Claremore High School baseball team.

“We do things a little differently here,” said coach Jim Sherl of Claremore High School Baseball, “We try to teach children how to catch flying balls and balls on the ground. We have a class where we have them. teach how to change a tire. How to tie and tie, of course we carry out our community service projects. “

A lot of these guys have been playing baseball together since they were kids.

“You go out there and when you play you just play with your brothers – you have fun,” said third baseman Ethan Grimett.

Coach Jim Sherl wants them to leave baseball in high school with more than a fraternity.

“I want them to come away having the best experience they can have on the baseball field, but I also want them to be better men,” said coach Sherl.

The coach believes that becoming better men means his players learn the power they have to make a difference in their community.

“At first it’s just to do it, then you realize you’re helping the community,” Gannon Sherl said.

Each year before Thanksgiving, the team collects food donations and stocks the pantry at Rogers County Jail.

“I think we filled 3 full vans,” said coach Sherl.

After dropping off the donations, they walked around the prison and the families started collecting the food the guys had just dropped off.

“You fill it up and a few moments later people come in and take food when they need it – it makes you feel good,” said Easton Phillips, 2nd / 3rd baseman.

The Claremore High School baseball team does things a little differently and these boys prefer that.

“The community comes to support us, so we support them and do it with my best friends and teammates, it feels good,” said Gannon Sherl.

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