‘Challenger’ Little League plays baseball under the lights

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. (KRDO) — Hundreds of kids and parents packed five pitches at the Goose Gossage Sports Complex in Colorado Springs Friday night for a special game of baseball, as the Challenger Division of Colorado Springs Little League played under the lights.

This particular division provides an opportunity for children with intellectual and physical challenges to experience the benefits of Little League participation in an environment structured according to their abilities.

“Inclusiveness, accessibility, all of those things are important in our community,” said Christopher Robinson, vice president of Challenger – Colorado Springs Little League. “So giving our players the opportunity to play in that kind of setting, just like they see the pros do on TV, letting mom and dad sit in the stands and watch their kid grow into an athlete for an hour , it’s a great way to give back to our community.”

Currently, the league has 128 players. It runs from August to the end of September each year, usually playing on Sunday mornings with several Friday evening matches dotted across the schedule.

The “buddies” of high school sports teams and other leagues also often play with Challenger children to provide support during games.

“What I would say to parents who haven’t been here and tried is: I guarantee your child can do it, 100%,” Robinson said. “We have never turned a child away. Now we even have four leagues for adults. So there is no age limit anymore. We had children who came here at four and now they are 16. , 17, 18 -old and we can keep them in the league So mom and dad, if you don’t think he can do it or she can do it, I guarantee you they can .

For more information on the Challenger Division, and to get involved as a player or volunteer, Click here.

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