Cape Cod Baseball League: SI’s best photos of the 2022 season

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From June through August, more than 300 of the nation’s top college players come together in the Cape Cod Baseball League, where the fields are grass, the bats are wooden, and the pipeline to the major leagues is wide open.

Tommy Courtney of Harwich Mariners and Chatham Anglers wide receiver Dominic Tamez

Harwich Mariners’ Tommy Courtney and Chatham Anglers wide receiver Dominic Tamez are trying to follow in the footsteps of more than 1,200 former Cape Cod League players who made it to the majors.

Cost of Kettlers

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Cape Cod Baseball League Seats

Some Cotuit Kettleers fans (top) were able to put some pent-up energy to work at Lowell Park, while others preferred a more relaxed approach (bottom).

Cape Cod Baseball League bathroom

At Stony Brook Field, home of the Brewster Whitecaps, there’s at least one place where it’s easy to meet a player.

Cam Collier plays for the Cotuit Kettleers

Cam Collier, 17, who earned his GED after his sophomore year of high school, played last season at Chipola College and is expected to be a top-10 pick this summer, kicked off his Kettlers career with success, stroking a base a defeated Chris Villaman of the Anglers on opening night.

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