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ELKINS – The Randolph County School Board has approved the purchase of a Tygarts Valley Middle / High School baseball scoreboard.

Three offers were received for the dashboard. Varsity Scoreboards was the lowest bidder at $ 5,285. The purchase will be paid for with Tygarts Valley baseball funds, officials said.

Varsity Scoreboards, of Murray, Ky., Will provide a 9-by-5-foot baseball scoreboard with 15-inch red LED digits, a wireless remote, and a five-year limited warranty.

The other offers received were $ 5,500 to $ 45,000, depending on the size of the dashboard, from Daktronics, based in Brookings, South Dakota; and $ 11,641 from Scoreboard Company in Wrightsville, Georgia.


In addition, the Randolph County School Board has approved the purchase of a 3D printer for the county school system’s robotics program at the Randolph Technical Center.

The cost of the printer will be $ 10,119 and will be paid for through the School System Rehabilitation Grant.

Three bids were solicited, with Dynamism, Inc. of Chicago offering the lowest.


The BOE also approved the purchase of 145 desktop computers for $ 88,782.50.

The new computers will upgrade the current office labs at Elkins High School, Elkins Middle School and Third Ward Elementary School. The purchase will be made with funds from Tools for Schools.

Zones LLC, of ​​Autumn, Wash., Is the sole supplier of the Tools for Schools TEC contract for computer equipment.

The computers are priced at $ 598.50 each, with a three-year warranty.


The Board of Education also approved the purchase of four network switches with installation for Jennings Randolph Elementary and three network switches with installation for Third Ward Elementary.

Switches will replace aging equipment and purchases will be made using Tools for Schools funds.

The cost of trades for Jennings Randolph will be $ 15,849.88, and the cost of trades for Third Ward will be $ 11,686.41.

Advantage Technology is the sole Tools for Schools NET contract supplier for networking equipment.

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