Best NY Mets trade with Cleveland baseball team

The New York Mets have yet to have a chance to strike a deal with the Cleveland Guardians, the new nickname for the former Indians. In this draft review of the best deals the team has ever made with each organization, it can be hard to know what to call them. Will the Marlins represent all of Florida or just Miami? Wait until you get to the Washington Nationals and let’s talk about the Montreal Expos.

Today we’ll be discussing the best trade the Mets have made with the Cleveland organization, whatever they were called back then. The Mets haven’t had too many good ones. I’m going to take a chance and say the 2021 deal for Francisco Lindor and Carlos Carrasco is the best.

Too early to fully tell the impact of this deal, he is still likely to be the favourite.

Lindor was not very good in his first season with the Mets. When analyzing trades, this might look like a bust for those who read about it in the record books. Add to that the way his thumb behaved and some might consider this deal a disaster.

Moreover, Lindor was only signed for one more season before getting his huge deal. In a sense, his part of that trade is over.

We can’t really consider that because if the Mets hadn’t traded for him, they wouldn’t have had first concern about extending him. So depending on where it goes, we’ll have to take a leap of faith to call it such a good deal for the Mets.

The same goes for Carrasco. He missed most of 2021 and was bad when he pitched. Leaning heavily on optimism, he also needs to play better to salvage this deal.

It’s what the Mets gave up that makes me pretty confident in this business. Amed Rosario played well last year, but there was no point in having the option of adding a player like Lindor. The same goes for Andres Gimenez, except he removes the part about playing well. He looks like a part-time infielder at best with gifts on defense and a few tools on offense. Unless Isaiah Greene or Josh Wolf become superstars, the Mets need not worry. It will probably end up being a win for them. The good news is that they are actively looking to improve around these players.

Roberto Alomar’s business and the one that brought us Carlos Baerga are not on this list. The Mets have surprisingly done a lot of bad business with Cleveland.

The March 31, 1996 trade for pitcher Mark Clark is one that stands out in a positive way. In exchange for Reid Cornelius and Ryan Thompson, the Mets chose a very solid pitcher for the 1996 season. Clark would then be traded to the Chicago Cubs next summer in what I consider the best trade the franchise has ever made with Wrigley’s team.

With some teams, it’s obvious what the best exchange was. With Cleveland, we have to wait a little longer for confirmation.

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