Astros players troll Major League Baseball with new Twitter move

Astros players are changing their Twitter profile photos as Major League Baseball removes all player photos from online rosters.

If you haven’t taken to Twitter today or been strong enough not to download the app, you’re missing out on a new move from Major League Baseball players, including some Houston Astros.

With the last collective agreement expiring on Wednesday, Major League Baseball has removed all images, articles and advertisements of current players from all of their websites. Some called it petty, others pointed out that they could no longer profit from it without a collective agreement.

But, the teams are still selling merchandise related to players employed by the franchise, so all around it’s a weird situation. What makes it weirder is that MLB removed all player pictures from the roster and replaced them with generic user pictures.

While many found it amusing, gamers took to Twitter for their profile picture in support of the Players Association. A few Astros were part of this group like Alex bregman, Martin maldonado and Ryne stanek all have changed their profile pictures. Even the former Astros pitcher and now a free agent Collin McHugh joined.

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This is what the image looks like:

He’s a smart troll on the players’ part, while many are looking to poke fun at the pettiness of Major League Baseball. Even companies have jumped in on the fun with Apollo Media creating shirts that say “I’m with them”.

Michael Schwab reported more on the players’ side of the matter, as an anonymous Astros player stated, “[MLB] is not interested in negotiating or reaching a reasonable collective agreement. “

Schwab also reported that MLB wasn’t looking to come out of the last meeting with the Players’ Association with a new negotiation. MLB just wanted to look like they were trying, a source with insight into the ABC negotiations told him.

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