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MESA, AZ (3TV/CBS 5) — Major League Baseball and the Players’ Association aren’t close to agreeing on a new collective bargaining agreement. The two sides need to agree on a new deal to get players, coaches and fans into the stadiums.

Pitchers and receivers are due Feb. 15, and the first games are scheduled for Feb. 26. ESPN’s Jeff Passan reports that spring training starting on time is in “serious danger”. He says it would take a miraculous deal to get it started in time.

All of the fans who come to the valley add over $300 million to our local economy each spring. Some fans say they are waiting to buy tickets due to the uncertain future.

“I really hope they give us a date when this can all be over so we can get our flights and tickets to the game, and we’re really excited that baseball is back this summer,” said Chicago Cubs fan Michael Bolling.

Phoenix-area businesses fear MLB lockdown will affect spring training

Cactus League manager Bridget Binsbacher says she’s concerned about a potential work stoppage impacting spring training. Binsbacher issued a statement on Tuesday:

We are closely following the news concerning the negotiations between the owners and the players on a new collective agreement. While we don’t want to speculate on the outcome, we are concerned that a work stoppage could impact spring training this year. After two years of spring training disrupted by COVID, our stakeholders are counting on a strong 2022 spring training season.

What we know: All 10 Cactus League baseball diamonds will be ready to open when needed. Over the past two seasons, we have learned to prepare for unforeseen challenges. No matter the circumstances, the eight Cactus League host municipalities and the tribal community will be ready to work together to ensure a safe, secure and enjoyable spring training experience for everyone involved.

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