American League East Underrated Players

Each MLB season brings its own new surprises and unexpected performances. Let’s take a look at the AL East and find an underrated player from each team to give them the spotlight they deserve.

If we missed a player from your favorite team, be sure to let us know. Now, let’s give some props to some overlooked players.

Baltimore Orioles: Jorge Mateo

Mateo was rock solid for the Baltimore Orioles 70-61, playing 122 games and posting a .668 OPS. Although Mateo is not the strongest hitter, he stole 28 bases and totaled 92 hits in 2022.

Let’s compare him to other better known shortstops like Willy Adames and Dansby Swanson:

Jorge Mateo: 2.7 WAR, OWAR 1.9, DWAR: 1.6, 122 plays, 406 AB, 92 H, 12 HR, .668 OPS, 28 SB, 52 runs

Dansby Swanson: 4.9 WAR, OWAR 4.0, 1.8 DWAR, 133 games, 522 AB, 149 H, 17 HRs, .783 OPS, 86 runs

Willy Adams: 3.1 WAR, 2.5 OWAR, 1.2 DWAR, 109 plays, 439 AB, 102 H, 26 HRs, .750 OPS, 68 runs

Mateo’s mix of defensive ability and speed has been a major asset for the Baltimore Orioles this year. He may not be the caliber of hitter that Swanson and Adames are, but he can still impact the game in many ways. And while he might not come to mind when you think of the Baltimore Orioles core, he certainly played a role in the team’s successful 2022 season.

Michael Wacha, Boston Red Sox

Michael Wacha: 2.56 ERA, 95.0 IP, 76 SO, 1.02 WHIP, 3.81 FIP, 3.5 WAR (career high)

The Boston Red Sox have had an extremely disappointing season, but that doesn’t mean there hasn’t been anything positive in 2022. The Red Sox aren’t known for their starting pitcher, but we have to take note of that. a veteran right-handed pitcher named Michel Wacha. While most people know Wacha from his time with the St. Louis Cardinals, his resurgence with the Red Sox this season is noteworthy.

The Red Sox state is in flux, but for Wacha, 31, he may have found a second life in his career thanks to an underrated 2022 season.

Clarke Schmidt, New York Yankees

Clarke Schmidt: 2.89 ERA, 37.1 IP, 36 SO, 1.34 WHIP, 3.50 FIP, 0.8 WAR

The New York Yankees have absolutely been the Aaron Judge show in 2022, but let’s not forget the other main reason the Yankees were able to retain the top spot in the AL East in 2022, and that’s their throw. One pitcher we want to highlight today is Clarke Schmidt, a reliever for the Yankees.

Schmidt started two games for the Yankees in 2022 but mostly came out of the bullpen for the Yankees, getting big outs for the club.

Schmidt could prove vital down the stretch for a Yankees team trying to hold on to their dwindling division lead. With a plethora of Yankees weapons like Luis Severino, Michael King, Chad Green, Aroldis Chapman and even Nestor Cortes, Schmidt could be just what the Bronx Bombers need right now because he’s already been impressive in his job. limited in 2022. .

Danny Jansen, Toronto Blue Jays

Danny Jansen: .767 OPS, 115 OPS+, .328 wOBA, 115 wRC, 11 HR

While fellow Blue Jays wide receiver and 2022 All-Star Alejandro Kirk has been making headlines this year, former top prospect and backup Danny Jansen hasn’t been bad either.

The Blue Jays had a disgusting amount of talent at the catch position with Kirk, as well as top prospect Gabriel Montero ripping him to the minors. Jansen might be the odd man out, but that doesn’t mean his 2022 season should go unnoticed. He could very well be an intriguing trade chip if the Blue Jays decide to consider the possibility this offseason.

Jason Adam, Tampa Bay Rays

Jason Adam: 1.16 ERA, 54.1 IP, 66 SO, 0.64 WHIP, 2.46 FIP, 2.5 WAR

I’ll be honest, I knew absolutely nothing about Jason Adam until I did a little more research on the Rays. With all the injuries to Tampa Bay’s pitching staff, like Nick Anderson, Andrew Kittredge and now Ryan Thompson, Jason Adam has stepped up considerably for the No. 2 Rays.

The 31-year-old seemingly came out of nowhere in 2022, throwing just 78.1 innings for his entire career from 2022.

Adam was arguably the most underrated pitcher in MLB, allowing just seven earned runs in 54.1 innings pitched. The Tampa Bay Rays are arguably one of the best run organizations in baseball and their ability to find pitchers like Jason Adam and turn them into one of the best relievers in baseball is just another example of that. .

Note: All stats point to Saturday, September 3.

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