2022 Week 3 SEC Baseball Scoreboard

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Here are the results around the SEC in week three of the 2022 season…

against UT-Martin
—Tuesday: Mon, 7-6

against Troy
—Wednesday: W, 8-1

against Murray State
—Friday: W, 5-1
—Saturday: F, 6-1
—Sunday: W, 5-4

against Omaha
—Wednesday: W, 15-3

vs. Southeast Louisiana
—Friday: Mon, 7-3
—Saturday: F, 4-2
—Saturday: W, 11-1 (8 inn, moved from Sunday)

against Alabama State
—Tuesday: W, 13-7

against UAB
—Wednesday: W, 16-1

against Rhode Island
—Friday: W, 7-2
—Saturday: F, 16-0
—Saturday: O, 12-0 (7 inn)
—Sunday: W, 14-1

north of florida
—Tuesday: W, 11-2

against Florida A&M
—Wednesday: W, 17-0

in Miami (Florida)
—Friday: Mon, 5-2
—Saturday: W, 8-1
—Sunday: W, 11-3

against Wofford (in Greenville, SC)
—Tuesday: W, 7-6

vs. Georgia Tech
—Friday: M, 11-7 (at Georgia Tech)
—Saturday: L, 7-0 (at home)
—Sunday: W, 12-3 (in Lawrenceville, Ga.)

against Western Kentucky
—Tuesday: Mon, 7-5

against Evansville
—Wednesday: W, 5-4

vs. TCU
—Friday: W, 13-11
—Saturday: F, 5-1
—Saturday: L, 12-8 (moved from Sunday)

against New Orleans
—Wednesday: W, 11-3

at the Shriners College Classic (Houston, Texas)
—Friday: W, 5-4 (11 inn, vs. Oklahoma)
—Saturday: L, 6-1 (against Texas)
—Sunday: L, 9-6 (against Baylor)

Mississippi State
against Grambling State
—Tuesday: F, 2-1

vs. Southern Miss (Pearl, Miss.)
—Wednesday: Mon, 7-1

in Tulane
—Friday: W, 19-2
—Saturday: Mon, 11-10 (10 inn)
—Sunday: Mon, 5-4

vs. Tarleton State
—Friday: W, 6-5
—Saturday: W, 9-1
—Sunday: W, 11-6

Ole Miss
vs ULM
—Tuesday: W, 10-2
—Wednesday: W, 11-1 (7 inn)

at UCF
—Friday: W, 8-7
—Saturday: L, 1-0 (12 inn)
—Sunday: W, 9-1

Caroline from the south
vs. Appalachian State (Charlotte, NC)
—Tuesday: W, 9-6

against Clemson
—Friday: L, 3-2 (at home)
—Saturday: L, 10-2 (at Segra Park in Columbia, SC)
—Sunday: L, 5-2 (at Clemson)

against ETSU
—Tuesday: W, 4-1

at the Shriners College Classic (Houston, Texas)
—Friday: L, 7-2 (against Texas)
—Saturday: W, 10-5 (vs. Baylor)
—Sunday: F, 8-0 (vs Oklahoma)

Texas A&M
against Houston Baptist
—Tuesday: F, 3-2

at the Frisco College Classic (Frisco, TX)
—Friday: L, 11-6 (vs. Washington State)
—Saturday: W, 7-3 (vs. Iowa)
—Sunday: L, 6-5 (vs. Wichita State)

against Central Arkansas
—Tuesday: W, 5-2

in Hawaii
—Friday: W, 9-2
—Saturday: W, 12-1 (7 inn)
—Saturday: W, 13-1
—Sunday: W, 2-1

SEC West

Ole Miss: 10-1
Auburn: 11-2
USL: 9-3
Arkansas: 7-3
Alabama: 9-4
Texas A&M: 7-4
Mississippi State: 6-6

SEC East

Tennessee: 10-1
Missouri: 9-1
Kentucky: 10-2
Vanderbilt: 10-2
Georgia: 9-2
Florida: 10-3
South Carolina: 7-4

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