2021 Minor League Draft Rule 5 results follow-up

The major league part of the rule 5 draft may be suspended, but the minor league phase is proceeding as planned.

The teams will meet by teleconference Wednesday at 2 p.m. ET. to select the players.

You can find our rundown of the intriguing names teams might covet. Several launchers from the Rays and Guardians organizations are on our radar.

Unlike the draft MLB Rule 5, there are no list restrictions or other rules with respect to MiLB Rule 5 choices. Once a player is selected, the selection team pays the previous team $ 24,500 and the player is added to the selection club’s AAA list. This Triple-A roster designation is simply a procedural move – the player can be assigned to any level in the minors by their new team and there are no other roster requirements.

Of the 56 players selected in last year’s MiLB Rule 5 draft, 54 have played for their new clubs, five have reached the major leagues and 16 have played in Triple-A.

Below we will follow the results of each selection. The order is as follows.

1 Baltimore Orioles
2 Arizona Diamondbacks
3 Texas Rangers
4 Pirates of pittsburgh
5 Washington Nationals
6 Miami Marlins
7 Chicago Cubs
8 Minnesota Twins
9 Kansas City Royals
ten Colorado Rockies
11 Detroit Tigers
12 Los Angeles Angels
13 New York food
14 San Diego Padres
15 Cleveland Indians
16 Philadelphia philly
17 Cincinnati Reds
18 Oakland Athletics
19 Atlanta Braves
20 Seattle sailors
21 Cardinals of Saint-Louis
22 Toronto Blue Jays
23 Boston Red Sox
24 New York Yankees
25 Chicago White Sox
26 Milwaukee Brewers
27 Houston Astros
28 Tampa Bay Rays
29 Los Angeles Dodgers
30 Giants of San Francisco
Memphis Red Bird Park

Endeavor Group agrees to buy nine minor league baseball teams

Endeavor formed a subsidiary named Diamond Baseball Holdings to initiate the acquisitions.

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