09/29/21: Open the scoreboard and follow the progress of the game

The Mariners are riding a wave this month that has turned into the most exciting history in baseball west of Missouri. Since the city’s hopes rest on such tenuous allies as Baltimore and New York, that thread will be in place as these teams seek their own versions of success.

The ranking of the Wild Cards before playing today in Seattle 0.5 games behind Boston for the WC2 position:

With the Yankees ’90 wins, the Mariners’ best hope (barring a Houston meltdown and Seattle ranking for the ages) is for the Blue Jays to fall to the Empire and the brave Orioles. from 106 losses fall the Red Sox yet again.

Details on these:

BOS @ BAL: 4:05 Pacific, MLB.tv

NYY @ TOR: 4:07 Pacific, MLB.tv

In the west, the Mariners’ latest showdown with the A’s will feature rookie Logan Gilbert and stalwart Frankie Montas. It could also be the game where the Matt Brash emergency button is pressed. With a day off tomorrow, Servais will surely take an “everyone on deck” approach.

The A’s have yet to release a roster card. Maybe we’ll get lucky and they won’t show up at all.

As for us, we do not go down without a fight.

Game time: 7:10 Pacific

TV: ROOT Sports NW

Radio: 710 ESPN Seattle

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